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LED upgrade to the popular British universities to promote energy-saving project financing

UK higher education sector, including universities throughout, upgraded lighting specifications have been included in the budget because of the introduction of a large number of overseas students at their own expense, the state education budget is no longer tight. LSE is one of many institutions of higher education, said there are a lot of foreign students come from overseas. Not just the Londo..
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2014 LED market rebound

LED under the modern consumer electronics shipments and energy saving lighting applications growing market environment, is expected to step out of the market after three years of winter in 2014, entered a new stage of development. Industry analysts institutions in 2014 were six LED market forecast. LED overcapacity, is nearly two things. As a branch derived from the semiconductor industry, ..
Date - 2014-08-15 Read more

LED industry in the next big global demand will increase rapidly analyze

With the popularity of LED lighting market continues to improve, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. LED lighting manufacturers in addition to lower prices to meet consumer demand outside 2014 have started to import new technologies in LED lighting applications to widen the gap with competitors, among which flip chip LED (Flip Chip LED) lighting market particularly affected ..
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LED lights will illuminate the entire United States NPR street

According to foreign media reports, in New Port Richey, Florida, where the city council has just passed the "1600 LED lights replace" option. Although this program will spend more than $ 29,000 in costs, but it has far less to maintain city street residents receive $ 360,000 annually to the city. Members who are on the street updated proposal was welcomed and expressed great favor..
Date - 2014-07-29 Read more

UAE lighting rapidly growing market demand for LED lighting popular

After several years after the real estate bubble crisis, the UAE and other GCC countries construction was finally out of the woods, has entered a recovery phase. In many projects launched on the occasion of a large number of lighting market spring. Among them, the lighting equipment market is the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia's largest. According to the UAE "Gulf News".. Date - 2014-07-29 Read more