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LED lighting industry trend analysis of innovation design is a way out

Countries around the world have to incandescent lamp has been clear about the elimination or limitation of use such as policy, incandescent light bulbs will gradually withdraw from the history stage; Right now, to vigorously promote energy-saving lamps due to environmental problems also have been criticized. 200W led Flood light lighting will be a main force of the future lighting lamps and lan..
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And the value of the urban landscape lighting planning

Since the 1970 s, urban landscape lighting in the world gradually formed, and more and more be taken seriously. From the domestic situation, China's high-speed urbanization process, to the urban landscape lighting provides abundant carrier. But there also exist some problems. First, the city landscape lighting is often driven by big events, because time is pressing, so that the lack of enough ti..
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Industry planning and leading the LED lighting industry

Not long ago, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, housing in urban and rural areas, the ministry of construction, six ministries jointly issued the "semiconductor lighting energy saving industry planning, hereinafter referred to as the" planning ", is believed to be the semiconductor lighting industry guidance document of this emer..
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Lamps and lanterns of market competition enterprise way out in where?

Followed across many present lighting store, lighting dealer at the beginning of the experience the growth of the professional competition between merchants and the merchants format, after beginning to enter market s with the market competition. Will question how dealers and market promotion competition force, the personage inside course of study are discussed, they generally think that admitt..
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Hit the brakes for the LED industry development

"No reason was given, was stopped in shenzhen 200W led Flood light industry development planning." Foshan lighting association wu yulin on phone told China business newspaper reporters with a smile, "it has caused everybody's guess." This stop is China Lin Bojiang, director of the center for energy economics research at xiamen university (microblogging) as "is a good..
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