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Intelligent lighting three major advantages, market prospects and the status quo is unstoppable

With the development of network technology and communication technology, and proposed the development of digital home concept, the intelligent lighting as an important part of the digital home are the various intelligent manufacturers pay attention to it, finishing the following three aspects of intelligent lighting control systems and related product features are introduced: First, c..
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LED lamp technology ten little-known secret

LED lighting industry, lighting lighting project is well received by the global environment, the industry also has its particularity. The LED lamp power is precisely the most important development of the current LED for LED technology related to the design, there are already a variety of programs and unique design approach, we come one by one to find out. 1. LED lamp power supply cons..
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Four LED driver power supply design issue summary

The quality of the LED driver power supply will directly affect the LED life, so how to do a LED driver power supply, LED power supply designers a top priority. In the current life in order to save energy, LED been a great promotion, but we need to have a power LED driver, which will directly affect the quality of life of the LED, so how to do an LED drive power is LED power supply de..
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LED drive power to resolve isolated and non-isolated

Currently in the general LED lighting market, there is a non-isolated design and isolated drive power points. Non-isolated design is limited to double insulation products, such as replacement bulbs, including LED and the entire products are integrated and sealed in a non-conductive plastic, so the end user does not have any risk of electric shock. Secondary products are isolated, the price is r..
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LED Lighting Basics summary

LED Lighting Basics summary 1. The color temperature and brightness Color Temperature (Co1or Temperature) Unit: absolute temperature (Kelvin, K) K color temperature to represent the absolute temperature, is a standard blackbody (such as platinum) is heated, the temperature rises to a certain extent when the color began to red, orange, yellow, green, blue,..
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