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LED lights, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp, advantages and disadvantages compared

A, the progress of the energy-saving lamp is incandescent lamp Important invention incandescent light bulbs, it is well known that Thomas Edison, the important invention in the human from now on bid farewell to the darkness, ushered in the light. But too power-hungry incandescent lamp, it is probably less than one over ten of the energy is changed into light energy, other are all heat energ..
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Jingdong and shun joint promotion on LED bulbs

Recently, shun on electric business platform jingdong with 200W led Flood light lighting manufacturers jointly issued the "energy-saving light Chinese families plan". At the same time, jingdong said, during the period of the plan, the price subsidy promotion on 200W led Flood light light. Shun lighting on CEO Sun Jianning said at present, our country 200W led Flood light products ..
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Applications need to see our favorite stylemakers features in LCD screen choose?

At present, the domestic monitor market still is given priority to with domestic brands, foreign brands in the high-end market occupies a certain market share. Chinese domestic professional monitors not only widely used in civilian monitoring, and in the field of national defense, aerospace, military and other high-end also occupy larger market share. The domestic LCD market diversificatio..
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LED lights put forward new requirements on the European market ERP directive limits

September this year, the eu market of directional lights must meet their set minimum energy efficiency requirements, functional requirements and product information requirements, substandard products will not be able to enter the European market. Shunde inspection and quarantine bureau recently attention is given to the eu market of lamps and lanterns, according to introducing, in December ..
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LED electronic display screen, safety

Recently in order to improve the display operating safety, China security experts to the enterprises brought by the 200W led Flood light display problems; With the continuous development of China's 200W led Flood light display industry just ten years on the streets of cities display can be seen everywhere; In this area reflects the 200W led Flood light display industry's development speed is so f..
Date - 2013-04-01 Read more