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LED lights put forward new requirements on the European market ERP directive limits - (AddTime - 2013-04-07)

September this year, the eu market of directional lights must meet their set minimum energy efficiency requirements, functional requirements and product information requirements, substandard products will not be able to enter the European market.

Shunde inspection and quarantine bureau recently attention is given to the eu market of lamps and lanterns, according to introducing, in December 2012, the eu official launch ERP directive for directional lights, non directional lights (light, common types include 200W led Flood light light) and related equipment of the implementation of the measures of the 200W led floodlights, and starting from this year on September 1, substandard products will not be able to enter the European market. Related to lamps and lanterns manufacturer should pay attention in our country, so as not to suffer.

Recently held a training lecture, senior technical experts to the enterprise on behalf of the ERP directive is expounded in detail on the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns as well as puts forward new requirements for lighting enterprise faces new challenges in 200W led Flood light technology. The expert reminds, at present the new regulations require 200W led Flood light lights whether is a directional light is a directional light, must want to consider its performance reserve requirements.