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LED lights, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp, advantages and disadvantages compared - (AddTime - 2013-04-11)

A, the progress of the energy-saving lamp is incandescent lamp

Important invention incandescent light bulbs, it is well known that Thomas Edison, the important invention in the human from now on bid farewell to the darkness, ushered in the light. But too power-hungry incandescent lamp, it is probably less than one over ten of the energy is changed into light energy, other are all heat energy wasted in vain. So people are looking for ways to want to use the new light source to replace incandescent lamp. Energy-saving lamps just arises at the historic moment. Because it compared cheap and good, so I get a number of applications, has a tendency to gradually replace incandescent light bulbs.

Second, light-emitting principle of energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamp poles are ordinary tungsten. Tungsten filament electric heating, can emit electrons. The tubes on both sides with high voltage, electric field, the electrons will in tubes is accelerated, the form has a certain velocity and energy of the electron flow., is being pumped into vacuum tubes fil200W led Flood light with mercury inside, is what we cal200W led Flood light mercury. In the case of electric heating tubes, the mercury from the evaporation of liquid becomes a gas. Mercury atoms form a free state. Electrons in the electron flow at a certain speed on the mercury atoms, the mercury atoms being stimulated, become excited state ions. Cal200W led Flood light step happens, excited state after a short period of time of mercury is spontaneously fall back to its original state, at the same time release the uv light, uv light cannot be used for lighting. So we put some fluorescent material on the inner wall of the tube, under the bombardment of ultraviolet light, fluorescent material after being stimulated, can send out the good lighting, can be used in our lighting.

Is one of the more common on the market energy-saving lamp tube has a general ordinary trichromatic lamp tubes and gradually for the mainstream, compared to an incandescent bulb has the advantages of power saving. The difference is normal bulb color rendering is low, and three colors of the tubes is presented the natural sunlight, and both in color and light efficiency more than ordinary ordinary lamp. From the above we can know, mercury is mediation role in energy-saving lamp tube, no mercury energy-saving lamp will not light. Each of mercury in the tube is very little.

According to check: a coarse diameter is 36 mm diameter fluorescent mercury content in 25 ~ 45 mg, a pipe diameter is 26 mm, thin tube diameter fluorescent mercury content of 20 mg, a diameter of 10 mm compact fluorescent lamps for 10 mg of mercury content. Mercury is liquid at room temperature, it is a kind of easy floating silvery liquid metal. Mercury in fluorescent tube as a gas discharge medium, not only improved the lamp lights, and enrich the types of light sources. So the current energy-saving light source contains mercury. Due to the boiling point of mercury is very low, can evaporate at room temperature, waste fluorescent tubes broken, immediately send out into the surrounding the mercury vapour, instantaneous can make the mercury concentration in ambient air reached 10 ~ 20 mg/m3, the provisions of the state of mercury in the maximum allowable concentration in air of 0.01 milligrams per cubic meter. It can also be with air flow. Once in the body of the mercury exceeds a certain threshold, can damage a person's central nervous system, causing great harm to people's health. Mercury enters the body after it is difficult to be ru200W led Flood light out. The factory workers without exposure to mercury has more than 10 years, but now I check body mercury levels remain high, and also in the line of mercury injection at any moment. So the author of energy-saving lamps have a kind of instinct of fear. Actually mercury lamp in use process generally has no pollution, pollution mainly scrap electric light source was discarded, after rupture caused by mercury diffusion into the air, harm to human body health, pollute the environment. Due to difficulties and recovery value is too low, and it also has many other ills, so there is only one way to eliminate it.

Three, energy-saving lamps, what disadvantages 1. The production process and use mercury pollution, waste of mercury pollution in western countries today is quite seriously. People also more and more realized the harm of the mercury pollution;
2. Because it is glass, easily broken, bad, bad installation;
3. The power consumption is too big;
4. Easy damage, short service life, energy saving is not save this sentence is the best.
Iv. What are the advantages of 200W led Flood light dared light 1. Energy saving 200W led Flood light lamp power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent, 1/6 of the ordinary energy-saving lamps;
2. The durable service life of up to 50000 hours, saved a lot of maintenance cost and trouble in the future;
3. Can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamps if frequent start or shut off the filament will be dark soon broken;
4. Solid-state encapsulation, belongs to the cold light source type. So it is very easy to transport and install, can be in any tiny and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically don't have to consider heat dissipation;
5. 200W led Flood light technology is in progress with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is astonishing breakthrough, price has been reduced. An era of 200W led Flood light lighting in the family are coming quickly;
6. Environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. 200W led Flood light lamp assembly parts can be very easy to tear open outfit, no manufacturers recycling can be recyc200W led Flood light through other people. It is obvious that the traditional energy-saving lamp and incandescent lamp must be replaced by a new generation of 200W led Flood light lights. At present the country pay more and more attention to lighting energy saving and environmental protection, national electricity every year, more and more nervous, many cities, every year is the peak season have started to ration electricity way to alleviate electricity tension, under the country to vigorously promote, 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns will be more and more popular. The light illumination, take you to enjoy the visual enjoyment of a new generation of lighting, sharing with you quality life, low carbon life, green life!