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Outdoor LED large screen advertising development faces three big hinder factors

In recent years, 200W led Flood light the market whether investment operations, or later market are to make people suffered, the current situation is not very optimistic. In 2012, with outdoor policy will no doubt around the development of low carbon economy, and promoting advanced culture, constructing the harmonious, such as outdoor practice implementation above, high energy consumption, low effi..
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From the integration of the supply chain to channel force

Along with the LED business and engineering lighting, 200W led Flood light application market will usher in a channel war. G20 summit - led Dr ZhangXiaoFei secretary-general, said G20's mission is to form large efficient led industry supply chain, through the integration of good suppliers, joint innovation, establishing suitable for led channel network. Due to the consistency of the consumer, th..
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Crystal can photoelectric LED project was rated as important technical invention

In the work of the letter just released in 2012 the 12th information industry important technical invention selection results, crystal can photoelectric (jiangxi) co., LTD., the silicon substrate gallium nitride base materials and high power 200W led Flood light chip technology "project was awarded the information industry important technical invention, will be included in the electronic infor..
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LED export enterprise area product certification

Europe had is where the largest concentration of foreign trade. This two years, however, affected by the European debt crisis continued, here is a list. The past as long as meet the European Union is the most basic safety requirements, get CE certification can trave 200W led Flood light across the world. But in recent years, considering the potential danger of electromagnetic energy, electromagneti..
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LED light up the world opened new era of lighting

Global incandescent lamp replacement huge market will open soon 2009-2012, the global lighting production compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 13.9%. 2010 $92.8 billion of global lighting market scale is almost ten times as many as in the LED industry. Caused by the global JinChan banned incandescent lamp replacement such as energy-saving lamps and 200W led Flood light will create th..
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