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Crystal can photoelectric LED project was rated as important technical invention - (AddTime - 2013-01-11)

In the work of the letter just released in 2012 the 12th information industry important technical invention selection results, crystal can photoelectric (jiangxi) co., LTD., the silicon substrate gallium nitride base materials and high power 200W led Flood light chip technology "project was awarded the information industry important technical invention, will be included in the electronic information industry development fund project guide", enjoy national electronic information industry development fund project funds support.

It is reported, crystal can photoelectric after technology research, with the "silicon" instead of the traditional "sapphire" or "silicon carbide" substrate manufacturing light emitting diode materials and devices, in epitaxial material with Japan, the United States out of the parallel global 200W led Flood light chip article 3 technical route. Crystal can photoelectric to be the only have "silicon substrate light emitting diode" independent intellectual property rights of the 200W led Flood light production enterprises, has changed, the United States and other developed countries monopoly 200W led Flood light the core technology of the situation.