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2012 LED gradually balance supply and demand

According to the NPD DisplaySearch latest quarter 200 led Flood light demand and the supply market research report points out, the demand of the LCD backlight will continue to be the leading 200 led Flood light the needs of the market, until the 200 led Flood light demand will reach a peak in 2013. For 200 led Flood light manufacturers in 2011 is a year full of challenge, because the 200 led floodl..
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LED lighting towards mature custom market is worth anticipating

The latest market data show that the United States LED bulb retail prices have dropped to $8, and energy saving fluorescent lamp price is about $5, in this price, the consumer choice more energy-saving LED lamp orientation will further strengthen, it is estimated that by 2015, will truly have 200W led Flood light market take off. But at the same time, also have industry experts say that LED into..
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In 2012, LED lighting industry market development analysis

With 200W led Flood light luminous efficiency promotion and the improvement of the photoelectric parameters, and 200W led Flood light lighting production enterprises to further understand the characteristics of 200W led Flood light lighting, 200W led Flood light lighting products in research and development of light quality had the very big enhancement, makes the 200W led Flood light lighting products ..
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LED epitaxy chip in the first half of the standard is expected to launch

"From the national level speaking, are working on semiconductor lighting standards, tube core change, control circuit of change, radiator plug replacement will work out a set of standard, the enterprise can do all kinds of model, but interface must agree general. Life problems which block the bad change which block." Beijing university physics professor, Beijing university wide bandgap s..
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LED life test standard new progress

Standard and test method for any new technology of success is very important. Not only because they can ensure the safety, but also because can borrow from identification in product performance for consistency and make the industry consensus formation and fair competition. Standard and test method of the lack of will make all participants have confused, has been 200W led Flood light industry develo..
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