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10 LED drive failure could cause problems Detailed

Basically you can say that the main role of the AC voltage source is LED driver converts the input to the output voltage with LED Vf (forward voltage drop varying current sources. As a key component of LED lighting, LED drive directly affect the quality of By the reliability and stability of the overall lighting of this article from the relevant technology and application experience in LED driv..
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LED "three noes" Revolution: The Power of promising to go?

Since 1879, the United States is made of carbon fiber TA Edison incandescent lamp, incandescent has been accompanied by a hundred years people have gone through so far in some areas is still the main lighting. Why, can long-lasting incandescent? Low prices play a decisive role. The LED reason the general public has yet to fully enter the hands of consumers is the price that many people can not ..
Date - 2015-01-19 Read more

Intelligent lighting promising to promote long way to go

With the Internet, the development of networking and big data, smart home market demand is expected to usher in a period of rapid growth. According to "2013 Annual China Smart Home Industry Report" shows that in the next three years, the domestic smart home market growth will continue to increase, until 2016 is expected to reach 29.17%, to 2017, the domestic smart home industry market..
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Experts talk about LED lighting in Japan and South Korea "three" Trend

In today's rapid development of the lighting industry, the rapid development of technology, a variety of new product after another. With LED lighting has been widely used in various fields, medicine, biology, etc., people's lives are becoming more intelligent, convenient and comfortable. So, what will be the future trend of lighting it? Insiders said: "About the future direction of..
Date - 2015-10-28 Read more

LED Lighting Basics summary

The quality of LED driver power supply will directly affect the life of the LED, so how to do an LED driver power supply, LED power supply designer's top priority. This article describes some of the LED driver power supply problems in the hope that useful to the design engineer. 1, LED drive circuit directly affect life We are talking about LED driver includes tw..
Date - 2015-10-08 Read more