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Experts talk about LED lighting in Japan and South Korea "three" Trend - (AddTime: 2014-10-28

In today's rapid development of the lighting industry, the rapid development of technology, a variety of new product after another. With LED lighting has been widely used in various fields, medicine, biology, etc., people's lives are becoming more intelligent, convenient and comfortable. So, what will be the future trend of lighting it? Insiders said: "About the future direction of lighting, certainly to a more humane, more intelligent, more conducive to human health and the direction of development cost. LED lighting products will continue to increase, the field will be more widely applied." 
Trend One: humane 
LED lighting has been widely used in various fields, and its function is gradually being excavated, more user-friendly lighting products for human to provide a more healthy and comfortable lighting environment. 
Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University Hao Losey in 2013 as China's 29th Antarctic expedition team, Yuandu humans to survive the Antarctic Polar healthy lighting research, as sentiment improved future polar expedition expedition team building and provides a great help. Professor Hao Luoxi that in entering the era of the Internet lighting, lighting people need from a human perspective to engage in the field of professional lighting. She told reporters: "The future of lighting will go humane direction, and I said 'humane' is people-oriented." Meanwhile, Hao Losey also put forward the concept of "human health and the lighting environment," and think "humane" is one of the important features of the future of lighting, and hope for the future, whether technical or lighting products can be "people-centered" people pay more attention to themselves, the "humane" feature real life applied to human health. 
Trend two: Intelligent 
The arrival of semiconductor lighting era, has kicked off the era of intelligent lighting. Highlights the advantages of intelligent lighting: not only has the color temperature adjustment, light brightness adjustment, timing control, scene settings and other functions, but also to meet individual comfort, secondary energy and other requirements. 
According to the data, "smart" has long been a lot of lighting companies gimmick. It is understood that the country has 193 "smart city" pilot, the annual demand only intelligent lighting products has more than 10 million; but according to experts, said the next few years, the Chinese market, the LED light source will more than 100 billion US dollars, while domestic the current smart lighting market penetration is still below 2%, the market outlook for China intelligent Lighting can be. 
Ms. professor Dalian Polytechnic University, Institute of Photonics Mr.Zhou intelligent lighting products with confidence. She said: "The future of lighting will be smarter and more convenient, a cell phone remote control room, including all types of electrical lamps at the same time people will make maximum use of natural light and come up with a suitable optical material storage, storage sunlight during the day and night will be released manually. just do the necessary supplementary light source, of course, to achieve this goal will take time. "
Trend three: Customized 
In the "customer is God," the consumer age, personalized consumer more vulnerable consumers. Only customer-centric, to meet the individual needs of different consumers, lighting companies can only stand out from the lighting industry, "Red Sea" in. 
Korea KIIEE Deputy gold smoked (Hoon Kim) is very optimistic about the prospects for customized lighting products, he said: "The future will be more light source is not the same kind of light will be more and more, hoping to suit everyone's different needs intelligent lighting will be bundled together, at the same time, the level of customization of lighting products will increase as more customized lighting products will be a steady stream. "
Japan's Tokai University professor Kaohsiung Yuan Ching "customized" have similar views on lighting products. He said: "The colors, illumination, light intensity requirements of each person is not the same, that is, different degrees of comfort everyone hopes to be able to develop such a product: in a large space can be adjusted fitted out products for the lighting needs of each person. "Meanwhile, Kaohsiung Professor yuan Ching also hopes to conduct a thorough energy-saving lighting products can be quantified (production), energy-efficient lighting products can also do it (quantization). 
He Bingyun Tianjin Illuminating Engineering Society Secretary-General said: "The future will certainly Lighting LED, OLED and other new light source for illuminating the subject, in order to interconnect intelligent lighting for the protagonist, sound, light, electricity, intelligent lighting systems will be interconnected to the city's streets, residential, construction , structures and other indoor and outdoor lighting environments and lighting carrier gives a comfortable light and color. bold innovation through lighting design allows the building's past, present and future of integration, resulting in vivid scene in the link, and the formation of a unique city personalized urban regional style. intelligent Control will enable on-demand lighting, people-oriented, comfortable, safe, energy-saving, energy-saving human body sensing, remote control, will make opening and closing the lamp in accordance with people's needs. "Meanwhile, what the Secretary-General outlined a pieces of "Future lighting" beautiful blueprint: a kind of "light painting" Art and artists will soon be born. People will light the outdoor space into a strange fantasy world, people can talk with a variety of light carriers, interactive, enjoyable evening stroll is to do light and comfortable to travel in space. Imagine a blueprint for the future of the site lighting should meet most people's minds is the "future of lighting." 
Lighting experts on Japan and South Korea on the "Future Lighting" Imagine, always concerned, are considered "humane", "intelligent", "customized", etc. must be the future trend of lighting. See current LED technology is constantly changing, I believe that in the near future, these "blueprint" will become a reality.