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Intelligent lighting promising to promote long way to go - (AddTime: 2015-01-19

With the Internet, the development of networking and big data, smart home market demand is expected to usher in a period of rapid growth. According to "2013 Annual China Smart Home Industry Report" shows that in the next three years, the domestic smart home market growth will continue to increase, until 2016 is expected to reach 29.17%, to 2017, the domestic smart home industry market size will reach 80 billion. Although promising, but how smart home of the status quo? Can every family?
Shown in Figure 1, in 2014 the market capacity of lighting products, LED is still hot and the object of pursuit, the traditional source markets shrink, compared to LED lighting, intelligent lighting market capacity is still small, but now has a growing more LED lighting manufacturers through technology integration and development, combined with the LED and intelligent, no doubt this is a trend of smart home.
According to another survey, the market for smart home use, designers and owners have a common concern: respect awareness, product quality, product cost, R & D capability.
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Most owners have no clear intelligent lighting concept, most designers themselves have also lacking, little is known. Products high cost is a major factor causing another application is blocked, so hard into the homes of ordinary people. Furthermore, the lack of promotion, lack of understanding of the owners of the intelligent lighting, recognizing only stay on the surface, no depth of contact opportunities. Hope to have the opportunity to organize some of this promotion and training expertise.
[Smart Home - Applications Features]: Networking System Benefits
Intelligent lighting systems as a core part of the smart home, and is particularly suitable for large-scale housing, it will make life easier and more comfortable. Lighting control system is divided into stand-alone, specific room or large networked systems in a networked system, dimming equipment installed in the electrical cabinet, by an external device such as a network of sensors and control panels to operate. Advantages of networked systems are available from a number of points to control the different rooms in the area. In the family, you can install a control panel in the wall near the main imports, as the main control point multiple rooms. So the owners of such products idea what demands?
How to look smart home owners?
Believed that the higher price of smart home:
Many owners think that the higher the price of smart home, usually in the more high-end residential applications. Not long ago, aggressively TV series "from the stars of You", well reflect the smart home applications. For example in the home corridor layout infrared sensors, mounted on the wall lamps and other lighting products, which will add to human comfort. Intelligent lighting more reflects the modern science and technology.
Owners will be offered to the new requirements:
Some owners will take the initiative to propose a new lighting control requirements, not only want to control the emission time of the illumination source, the brightness, but also hope that other systems inside and outside the building with, so the program will be added to the design of intelligent lighting. For different applications can make the appropriate lighting scene change, while also considering the simplified management of intelligence and operations, there is enough flexibility to accommodate future changes to the layout and lighting control requirements.
Yet universal and the particular needs of the application:
Due to the popularity of applied technology issues and the cost of the products of this technology in the design of my home improvement project, there is no contact with intelligent lighting applications. Manufacturers should provide specific parameters designers, such as the installation requirements may be achieved to guide the owners to provide better service for the practical application or program owner.
How to use smart home?
The most effective one scalable intelligent lighting solutions that can meet the application requirements, to save energy. This is to support the development of environmentally sustainable core. However, we must raise awareness of the product on the market to address the lack of channels exist, both sides can be the first to know about new product information and requirements. Only by addressing the limitations and constraints existing on the market, the application of intelligent lighting will also usher in a good prospect.
Universal technology is mature, but using three problems
Intelligent lighting technology is now quite mature, we have done a number of cases, most customers can receive intelligent set of local area, there are many customer requests. The main application problems: 1, the use habits. Due to lack of understanding of intelligent lighting, prone to psychological resistance. 2, maintenance issues. Through intelligent computers and programs need to write, weak control by strong electricity, to a certain extent, the need to consider the cost and ease of maintenance. 3, cost. This degree of complexity, most people understand the benefits of intelligent lighting, even more effective control of electricity, or for a higher one-time investment in doubt.
Intelligent lighting is a direct means to improve the quality of life:
I contacted the villa project, the intelligent lighting is one of the direct means to improve the quality of life and visual experience. Some owners are willing to contact tech products, but there are some issues applications exist: a single product is rich enough. General domestic R & D capability is low, resulting in a single product, the lack of original designs, mostly in mimicry, nothing new. 2, of varying quality, energy needs to be improved. 3, designer and supplier of a lack of communication.
How to control the smart home?
There are designers believe that if have not yet mastered the concept for general lighting, not to discuss the use of intelligent lighting. In fact, the best solution is the possibility of establishing an effective platform for the demand side, the design, suppliers establish contacts to achieve a good result. Indeed, on the smart home of the control and management, requires a combination of common and guide more professional groups, let us look at the designers and the manufacturers' recommendations. Intelligence is working parties need to cooperate. Mainly in the following aspects: 1, the need to do on the basis of design planning; 2, need to understand and plan customer preferences; 3, to provide control systems related drawings, can be combined with the lighting requirements, moreover, is the owner's guide work; 4 need to analyze the differences between traditional lighting and intelligent lighting; 5, through lifestyle do cost analysis, to understand how to get a better quality of life through intelligent lighting; 6, field operating system. From several aspects, expanding market share intelligence applications. To achieve a good intelligent lighting space, in cooperation with the manufacturers of designer Project design process, both sides need to cooperate with each other. Factory specializes in the technical implementation, in this process need to fully understand the theme and creative design solutions, to provide reasonable lighting technology depending on the space and lighting design atmosphere, complete with designer will design works better.
To change the owner's lifestyle and enhance the taste of the main line to increase the texture of life to guide owners of freedom control experience. In home design, intelligent lighting with customer demand for the area based on the size of the house owners to customize, and for more on the promotion and construction of intelligent lighting living museum building, in order to further the promotion and awareness. In the actual case, the future demands of whether depending on the season, including its color temperature and brightness of each time period refined lighting. Glad to see Chinese companies have gone through basic lighting imitation era, to provide better space for the design language material.
Learn more smart home use demands, designers and manufacturers are in communicating information obtained desire, as the king of the key US space Qingdao Fan Art Engineering Limited Founder / Design Director, said: "effectively improved through intelligent lighting comfort and functional living space for the owners started to build visual beauty and lifestyle, modern interior designers bounden duty and mission. "
The intelligent lighting applications should gradually establish the technical and price perfect service system will be more effective and profitable promotion and popularization of intelligent lighting applications, avoid disjointed and application of new technology. With the stable performance of the LED products, LED intelligent lighting give the home a new definition.