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Household lighting is moved close to mainstream LED intelligent era

Recently, at the new convention ended in 2013, the 13th China chengdu international lighting and 200W led Flood light show, although in terms of scale, is only 1/9 of the furniture fair in chengdu, the TTF attending this year on, however, only to find that there are more and more manufacturers 200W led Flood light engineering enterprises begin to enter the home range, 200W led Flood light into th..
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To the mainland inventory pressures LED factory in price war

Mainland 200W led Flood light factory inventory is as high as 5 billion yuan, the next few quarters to inventory pressure, there can be a price war to Taiwan factory again. Legal person points out, the hard to avoid impact to Taiwan factory, but not comprehensive, at the current crystal electricity and ladies round capacity are close to full load condition, the mainland stock is not too big. ..
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Interpretation of the LED industry status quo semiconductor lighting in the future development trend is prospected

Semiconductor lighting is a successful technology revolution, through years of efforts, it has confirmed the change in the lighting industry in the dominant position. As a revolutionary technology, semiconductor lighting industry chain is long, wide application, has a multi-disciplinary, multi-field intersecting fusion, synchronization characteristics of basic research and applied research. Fo..
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The LED indoor lighting era right channel "revolution"

As 200W led Flood light technology matures, the cost decline gradually, the 200W led Flood light lighting on the road, commercial, office and so on each segment of the market gradually began to start. 200W led Flood light lighting "channel layout also entered the critical period of the enterprise. Timeliness, completeness, and modes of the construction of channel choice will largely influenc..

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Consumers choose and buy bigger difference of LED lighting products and need to be careful

In today's energy saving and environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, low efficient and does not contain mercury pollution is more and more popular with the market of 200W led Flood light lighting products. At the same time, the family consumer acceptance of 200W led Flood light products is becoming more and more high. But the 200W led Flood light lighting market ..
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