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Household lighting is moved close to mainstream LED intelligent era - (AddTime - 2013-04-24)

Recently, at the new convention ended in 2013, the 13th China chengdu international lighting and 200W led Flood light show, although in terms of scale, is only 1/9 of the furniture fair in chengdu, the TTF attending this year on, however, only to find that there are more and more manufacturers 200W led Flood light engineering enterprises begin to enter the home range, 200W led Flood light into the era of intelligence, a variety of market phenomena also began to appeared in the show.

Surrounding by the price cut is inevitable trend that 200W led Flood light into the ordinary people

For ordinary families, 200W led Flood light lighting is a bit high price, however, this two years, with prices lower, 200W led Flood light lighting price cut is inevitable trend, 200W led Flood light lighting began to enter homes. Lighting exhibition, chengdu has been the 13 th, but 200W led Flood light is started in 2008 entered the exhibition, accounted for only 20% or so, because the technology is not mature, the price is very expensive, and mostly cold light source, the heat also has been a technical problem, the exhibition in 200W led Flood light companies seldom involved in household, 200W led Flood light to the 2010, 2011 into a peak, the exhibition in the development of 50% of the companies are starting to do the 200W led Flood light , which is in this period, some companies began to do household, and the fair this year, more than 80% enterprises shows the 200W led floodlights, and used for household range of 200W led Flood light enterprises accounted for nearly half. The reason, he argues, is not only the 200W led Flood light is the future development direction, at the same time as the technology matures, 200W led Flood light also began to diversification, into the era of intelligence.

Household lighting is moved close to mainstream 200W led Flood light intelligent era

Household lighting is moved close to mainstream 200W led Flood light intelligent era

The 200W led Flood light lighting market in 2009 was "day price", a set of 200W led floodlights is better retail can be as high as 200 yuan, has plummeted to about nt $80, 90 this year, the industry average radial reached 30%. Homebred brand 200W led Flood light , has fallen to about 30, 40 yuan.

200W led Flood light into the era of intelligent, mobile phone also can control the 200W led Flood light

Remember the 2013 Spring Festival gala glaring light? From na ying's "spring", "the wind moved to sun li, digital technology throughout the whole of the stage Spring Festival, the 200W led Flood light as the biggest contributor, remember the Olympic Games, long scroll? And success has 200W led Flood light ... 200W led Flood light display on the stage of application more and more, make the effect of stage performance had 200W led Flood light display mix more wonderful and incredible beauty. Small night lights, remote control color... On the 200W led Flood light fair, from time to time there are many new 200W led Flood light household products, the future of 200W led Flood light is show the endless charm of intelligence.

At the scene of the expo, more than a color change vase attracted the attention of many people, and live demonstrations of producers of colorful, except use specialized remote control board, apple mobile phone can also remote control 200W led Flood light lamp directly. The personage inside course of study introduces, in a few years, every family can be used on the 200W led Flood light intelligent lighting, user manually set intelligent memory function, even in different time and situations automatically adjust the lighting pattern, let the family lighting atmosphere random switching, and may make light instead of WIFI point-to-point wireless signal transmission carrier of the future, meet the demand of increasingly rich family life.

200W led floodlights use diversity, interesting shape

According to the Swedish ikea 200W led Flood light project director KirsterAnderssont introduces to the reporter, 200W led Flood light application scope is more and more wide, signs, stage, cars, 200W led Flood light can be seen everywhere, and from the point of placement position, 200W led Flood light completely cast off the yoke of the ceiling, wall or desktop. Such as battery power supply of the dior 200W led Flood light drawer light, can be mounted on the drawer, closet and shelves inside. Because of its induction light closed, open the drawer can be bright after 15 seconds, close the drawer out after 5 seconds. At the same time, also to avoid the traditional light bulb go line, fever, such as frequent switching life problems and hidden dangers. This fashion and practical 200W led Flood light in ikea sells for less than 100 yuan, the cost is not much but it can make your wardrobe has star dazzle eye effect, the advantage of 200W led Flood light appeared again.

From modeling, 200W led Flood light has begun to transcend conventional lighting requirements, multi-functional development towards a more interesting life. Some new lights, for example, made into two lovely elf shape. Its built-in color changing 200W led Flood light light bulb, after a full charge can provide four or five hours of lighting; Appearance is soft rubber, can be easily stripped the charger, but also on the bed in the corner lighting.