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To the mainland inventory pressures LED factory in price war - (AddTime - 2013-04-22)

Mainland 200W led Flood light factory inventory is as high as 5 billion yuan, the next few quarters to inventory pressure, there can be a price war to Taiwan factory again. Legal person points out, the hard to avoid impact to Taiwan factory, but not comprehensive, at the current crystal electricity and ladies round capacity are close to full load condition, the mainland stock is not too big.

Operator said, according to market mechanism, China's top 20 200W led Flood light factory which product inventory is as high as 5 billion yuan, among them of epitaxial metal three Ann has 970 million yuan. China 200W led Flood light factory general loss, then may have to go to inventory to reduce the financial pressure, the fastest in the third quarter might be dumping stock in the market, will be to just dawning now 200W led Flood light market and formation pressure.

Work being 200W led Flood light , researchers said Guo Ziling manufacturers inventory is high, reflecting China's 200W led Flood light industry development and government subsidies highly connected, manufacturers rely on government subsidies, technical force is insufficient, so inventory pin does not go out. By contrast, factory technical force is stable, strong competitiveness. And high inventories is the steady phenomenon has been in China, if the selling in the market, though unavoidable destruction of price, but the factory products are low, with the Taiwan factory product segregation is not much overlap.

Crystal company said that the blu-ray has carrying capacity, four yuan capacity about 7 ~ 8; Ladies round also pointed out in the second quarter close to full load capacity. Although 200W led Flood light looking optimistic than last year this year, but crystal electric Li Bingjie chairman said earlier, now see may order visibility, customer pul200W led Flood light goods quantity is good, but then to see if we can keep price stable, in the second quarter has closed price of maintaining the normal fall in season 3 ~ 5%, also is normal, then in the third quarter, demand and prices remains to be seen.

Market peoplethink, China 200W led Flood light factory, inventory is high, but in the epitaxial period compared with Taiwan factory is not competitive, otherwise the crystal power, ladies round capacity may not go all the way up. Especially in the factory's product positioning are low, such as low price 200W led Flood light bulbs or consumer electrical appliances use display backlighting, and a lot of inventory is actually cannot cash, could eventually to resources recycling, so the impact on Taiwan factory co., LTD.