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2012 LED gradually balance supply and demand

Standard has been one of the hot topics of the 200W led Flood light industry, lack of standard, the standard lag have been 200W led Flood light industry development bottleneck. About 2010 200W led Flood light the country and industry standard intensive come on stage, but these standards can become a real guidance enterprise production standards also need to the test of time. At present in China 200W ..
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GE lighting and university of Maryland cooperation launched high brightness LED lamps and lanterns

GE lighting technology development department global r&d engineers and university of Maryland announced that they have successfully demonstrates 1500 lumen 200W led Flood light bulb (standard 100 watts halogen lamp PAR38 bulb produces 1500 lumens), which is equivalent to 100 watt halogen lamp light, and only a third of the energy consumption. Although everyone identity 200W led Flood light in..
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LED channel construction and development trend

At present the traditional lighting still occupied the absolute market share advantage, 200W led Flood light and lanterns of the market is still very low permeability, according to senior LED industry research institute (GLII) the latest figures show that 200W led Flood light and lanterns market permeability accounted for only 7% or so. Investigate its reason mainly has the following: 1, 200W led..
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LED industry: commercial indoor lighting Urgent need to come out

As we known, 200W led Flood light since its birth, with its high reliability, easy to control, and small volume etc first by the electronic engineer's favour. The first is the rise of electronic device light, then gradually into the signal lamp such as traffic red, green and so on. However, due to premature LED light degree is not high, the heat energy conversion rate is low, and the price is not..
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The development trend of lighting

At present not only lamps and lanterns in the bedroom within the lighting effect, but also build the atmosphere of the bedroom environment an important part. The bedroom can lighting lamps and lanterns, and lamps and lanterns is lighting will extract reaction, it is stalling bedroom setting effect, setting up the visual condition tool, is part of the bedroom adornment is lighting skills and put ar..
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