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LED industry: commercial indoor lighting Urgent need to come out - (AddTime - 2012-12-20)

As we known,200W led Flood light
since its birth, with its high reliability, easy to control, and small volume etc first by the electronic engineer's favour. The first is the rise of electronic device light, then gradually into the signal lamp such as traffic red, green and so on. However, due to premature LED light degree is not high, the heat energy conversion rate is low, and the price is not high for the general public are used to know. Commercial application field is confined to the building outline adornment, ornament, such as decorative light non-mainstream lighting situation.

In recent years, along with the LED lamp heat conversion efficiency enhancement, brightness greatly ascend price greatly reduced, the market began to LED lamp lighting products have a certain recognition, LED lamp as emerging light have long life, low power consumption, high brightness began to gradually become market of new bonds.

Based on the LED lamp life and power consumption analysis, LED indoor lighting lamps and lanterns and traditional equivalent lamps and lanterns, compared to LED ball steep light, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, LED soft light the use of the cost has been significantly less than traditional lighting lamps and lanterns. 2012 LED chip cost reduction and the development of technology can increase the efficiency of LED lighting advantage, which began to traditional lamps and lanterns lighting a strong intention of declaration of war.

Compared with the traditional lamps and lanterns, 200W led Flood light plasticity is stronger, don't limit the traditional design of lamps and lanterns, due to the LED lamp bead volume small, can make various role is very suitable for the design of the use of the environment. Such as LED downlight, we can make it round the traditional lamps and lanterns, still can make it square, still can make irregular shape, still can make it only 9 mm thickness of panel light, these are the traditional lamps and lanterns can not and 200W led Flood light

are more likely to integration, intelligent control. Compared with the traditional lamps and lanterns, LED lamp dimming, realization way to realize than traditional lamps and lanterns to simple, simply can through the power amplifier, LED dimmer easily achieve 0-100% of the dimmer, no stroboscopic, no limit continuous adjustable light. The more intelligent a bit, can through the DMX512 realize on line control, according to to achieve the dynamic stochastic control LED lamp light and dark, or flow changes or various dynamic changes. While the traditional lamps and lanterns to realize the dynamic change is relatively more difficult.

The commercial lighting consider more should be human experience type design, what kind of environment, choose what color, what color temperature light source to the designer's original intention. Such as jewelry lighting counter, generally using LED lamp, platinum jewelry counter counter area using 7000-8000 k highlight white LED light source illuminates the whole platinum jewelry the product itself, manifests the product more white more bright elegant temperament, and gold products adopt LED color temperature source 3500-3800 k warm white light source products foil gorgeous, elegant characteristics.

Jewelry lighting counter in view of LED light small volume, light Angle is small, the advantages of higher efficiency become traditional fluorescent lamp perfect substitutes. Different business environment, different shopping experience, the light point of the design, color temperature requirements more and more high, this is the traditional lamps and lanterns can match, led Flood light, LED lamp, LED downlight have made it all become more easy to implement.

LED tube light efficiency of increasing, the price is increasingly reduced and knocked on the door of the commercial lighting. At present more than the traditional commercial lighting energy-saving lamps lighting, throw mercury pollution don't say, energy-saving lamps volume is big, the whole barrel lamp occupy the space is larger, not beautiful also, when the power supply voltage instability, canister light easy to flicker.

LED tube light source and shell integration design, USES the milky white or spray mask embedded within the ceiling with integrated ceiling, beautiful appearance, high light uniform, LED by constant current power supply design, not affected by external voltage change limit, light source has always been to maintain consistent illumination. The advantages of the above with the improvement of LED technology better and better, the LED illumination for the commercial lighting provides a reliable technical guarantee.

LED industry standard appearing in the hustling, according to internal news, 2013 LED the industry standard is about to come, will be published LED lighting interface and illuminance standard and other related standards issued. LED commercial lighting ready increasingly clear, Shanghai rise beauty electronic technology co., LTD. 2012 foreign order has shrunk by 30%, while the interior lighting order amount increased sixty - 70%, mostly for the energy saving renovation project and new business club project. LED lamp enterprise has started to enjoy the energy saving brings bonus.

Each new industry development have to undergo start, development, maturity, recession process, LED indoor lighting industry in industry development stage, is necessarily inferior and with good, the essence and the dregs coexist situation, overgrown with weeds sui to save true, technology innovation, LED indoor lighting to mature, to break the cocoon recognized.