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LED the national standard cold thinking: standard is deep competition - (AddTime - 2012-12-25)

Standard has been one of the hot topics of the 200W led Flood light industry, lack of standard, the standard lag have been 200W led Flood light industry development bottleneck. About 2010 200W led Flood light the country and industry standard intensive come on stage, but these standards can become a real guidance enterprise production standards also need to the test of time. At present in China 200W led Flood light the national standards, industry standards and local standards and enterprise standards and how to develop, need from all walks of life, we should think about the construction of harmony and mutual complement of standard system, in order to regulate the product and market behavior. From the industry standard and market supervision and point of view, the formulation of standards and specifications for the healthy and orderly development of the industry is undoubtedly very important. Standard itself can have multiple levels, national standards should pay attention to and international standards; Local standards should both comply with the national standard of the basic standard, and according to the local roads and climate characteristics of the corresponding standard requirement, as a national standards added. Therefore, through the practice continuously find problems, continuous improvement, continuous improvement to promote and perfect the standard, national standard has important significance. From another perspective, at present, some enterprises think 200W led Flood light is the lack of standards, this is error. In the field of lighting, lighting, lamps and lanterns, construction engineering standardization system is perfect. In these areas, the current main problem is a standard execution, practising lawlessness. Therefore, on the one hand, we must strengthen the 200W led Flood light related standards, on the other hand also to the existing standard propagandize and carry out.

However, there is no denying the fact that our country 200W led Flood light standards issued do relatively slow, its reason is in many aspects:
First, the 200W led Flood light involves many areas and industries. 200W led Flood light to belong to the traditional electronic components industry, also belong to optical and optoelectronic industry, about lighting, 200W led Flood light in lighting and electrical industry, light industry, etc. From the formulation of standards for the 200W led Flood light across multiple industries, therefore in the formulation of standards of power and responsibility, need many communication and coordination; Second, due to the 200W led Flood light is a new technology, the traditional industry professional committee don't know much about China, and the lack of dimension is big enough, the industry has enough to affect the enterprise, this to the formulation of standards is increased the difficulty of the additional part; Third, 200W led Flood light technology is not mature technology, the technology and not finalize the design, technology development and change quickly and the formulation of standards to bring certain difficulty; Fourth, to carry out publicity is not strong enough.

To this, 200W led Flood light standards might as well from the following several aspec
First, the establishment of standard system, it shall give full play to the role of the combination of tube cooperate, give full play to the advantage of industry chain each link, according to the form of the project launched multiple advantages unit coordination research, fully research and test, and fully reference to international standards, the establishment of suitable for China's industry development characteristics of standard system. Standards for the industry is to escort, cannot be part of the enterprise for commercial interests and setting threshold; Second, the standard based on relative mature product or technology above. Some technology and product has not yet been fully finalize the design, if eager to formulate standard limits the future product development and technology development. Hence, it can be considering some terms, test methods and so on basic codes and standards, in order to regulate the market, end disorder competition; Third, the standard system includes the national standards and local standards and enterprise standards, three complement each other. Local standards introduced gradually for the establishment of the national standards laid a good foundation. The enterprise standard, local standard is the national standard system important constituent, such as enterprise standards, specific to this enterprise characterization product standards, is the national and local standard specific refining and reflect, therefore, the enterprise and local standards should be more careful, the enterprise standard in general should be higher than the national standard. Fourth, standard issued, and especially after mandatory standards issued, market supervision department shall promptly establish supervision, access, certification, detection system, and at the same time, strengthen the publicity and implementation of the standard. Along with the development of globalization and international market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the standard function and position of increasingly prominent. Standard competition become the product competition, brand competition and a deeper level, level higher, more influence form of competition. For the 200W led Flood light industry terms, at present the urgent task is to come as soon as possible and release the national standards, implement standard strategy, promote enterprise technology advancement, promote an enterprise competition ability, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the 200W led Flood light industry.