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Policy under the guidance of LED industry behind the vitality

Randy lerner seemingly 200W led Flood light industry essence is to rely on the government push brass wave, a extreme after the busy and have a see at the end of loss. 2012, what did we see? Late early DE 士达 boss over the wall and f200W led Flood light , large vision photoelectric owe the door... However busy still, how many 200W led Flood light industry base have mushroomed, how many project cost. J..
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Consumers for LED energy-saving lamp easy to produce the error

200W led Flood light is one of the key promotion project in the world, has also been gradually accepted by common consumers, therefore, it should be noted that the ordinary consumers for 200W led Flood light the emerging light source exists in the understanding of certain error: Error, a few W 200W led Flood light ball steep light to replace a few W of the incandescent lamp. Because incandescen..
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200W led Flood light market prospects

According to market research company iSuppli published in the latest research report, in 2013 the global 200W led Flood light (organic light-emitting diode) television shipments will be increased from 2007 in 3000 to 2.8 million, compound annual growth rate of 212.3%. Look from global sales revenue in 2013, the global 200W led Flood light TV sales income will increase from $2007 in 2 million to $1.4..
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Analysis: may the liquid crystal panel industry development situation analysis

Dragged on for more than a year of LGDisplay (hereinafter referred to as "LGD") guangzhou 8.5 "LCD panel project based construction officially finally on May 22, remains planned investment of $4 billion, two years ago as LG since the project with the biggest investment in China. The global LCD panel industry due to the excess capacity, seven consecutive quarterly loss. As one of ..
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LED lamps and lanterns technology research and development of the three directions

High power 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns as outdoor applications, not only to deal with the problem of evenness and brightness of the light distribution at the same time also has the certain requirement, or to cover area is enough big, the light can control tensile. So as to realize the real consciousness on the 200W led Flood light lighting, combining the present situation of the applicat..
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