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Analysis: may the liquid crystal panel industry development situation analysis - (AddTime - 2013-01-03)

Dragged on for more than a year of LGDisplay (hereinafter referred to as "LGD") guangzhou 8.5 "LCD panel project based construction officially finally on May 22, remains planned investment of $4 billion, two years ago as LG since the project with the biggest investment in China. The global LCD panel industry due to the excess capacity, seven consecutive quarterly loss. As one of the world's largest panel suppliers of LGD also unbearable: while in South Korea headquarters to keep up with the pace of the samsung, plans to mount the next generation of 200W led Flood light display line 8 generation; In guangzhou to promised, on the other side the 8.5 "LCD panel line. Rio advertise industry institute photoelectric research center manager bird Veda is expected to view the global LCD panel is still oversupply, don't expect guangzhou LGD project will be high profit. But panel already there are signs of warmer, as long as the LGD input technology, careful management, the European economy is not continues to worsen and believe LGD guangzhou project still have profit opportunities. Factories in mainland China, LGD can across China imported panel of tariff barriers, but is the domestic liquid crystal panel industry has appeared excess capacity of insects.

A year of LCD TV production in China about 100 million sets. China has built, under construction or will be built in 8.5 generation line has five, including Beijing Oriental (Beijing), hefei, shenzhen huaxing photoelectric, LGD guangzhou, samsung suzhou, according to a line with annual capacity of 20 million pieces of 32 inches panel, it has a capacity of 100 million pieces. Previous domestic has two lines of six generations, and nanjing CLP panda also plans to mount 10 generations. Can foresee, over the next two or three years, these items are of postpartum, mainland China LCD panel excess capacity will become a reality.

In addition to profit the potential pressure, excess capacity, there are potential threats of O200W led Flood light . Samsung, LG is plan to invest in the generation of O200W led Flood light line, the 200W led Flood light TV is expected to large-scale listed in two or three years later. So, at the appointed time investment is huge, and the large capacity of the liquid crystal panel project where to go? 杨 东文 that an 200W led Flood light TV now are prototype, not mass production products; Either from the perspective of the cost, two or three years 200W led Flood light there is difficult to reach the level of the liquid crystal TV, Three is a lot of LCD panel production equipment in the era of 200W led Flood light can be reused. This is the cause of the LCD you still dare to investment. Panel, however, big project, will drive the upstream manufacturers of equipments, materials. Once formed perfect supporting upstream and downstream of the flat plate chain, the panel cost reduction, continental plate industry is expected to occupy Japan, South Korea, Taiwan region panel in the global share. Ability is more important, with industry chain, the next round of O200W led Flood light upgrade wave in mainland China that you may follow up with opportunities. LGD guangzhou project on horseback, but foreign panel factory, republic of Korea flat between the beginning of the game between industrial chain.