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Lamps and lanterns of market competition enterprise way out in where? - (AddTime - 2013-05-13)

Followed across many present lighting store, lighting dealer at the beginning of the experience the growth of the professional competition between merchants and the merchants format, after beginning to enter market s with the market competition. Will question how dealers and market promotion competition force, the personage inside course of study are discussed, they generally think that admittedly dealers can through the promotion of product quality, service and stores the grade three style to win consumers, however, a single distributor operation ability is good or bad, can't resolution whole market competition force, at the moment, the market for party as long as through the conduction technique are involved in the operation of businesses, create conditions for businesses to improve operations and ability to complete merchants, market the competition force of promotion.

In luan professional conduct is the beginning of the road, of lamps and lanterns is basically hardware and light source, lamps and lanterns, electrical sale, due to the small number of people are doing such business at that time, and compare with money; After a period of time in some businessmen are a row of lamps and lanterns is very developed, and the transformation so specializes in selling lamps and lanterns. Unconsciously LiuAnLu became a commercial zone, hardware, lamps and lanterns, electrician, ceramics, sanitary ware, clothing, food, daily provisions, etc. The sale of goods.

Lamps and lanterns of market competition enterprise way out in where?

Lamps and lanterns of market competition enterprise way out in where?

Small make up to Shanghai each big mall of lamps and lanterns, find many shops boss in decorating, and dealers is numerous and complicated to guangdong investigate mall. Introduced according to the personage inside course of study, this is lamp act the role ofing job every year, some universal representation. Only the author noticed that decorate the new shop boss, is not always a brief store innovation, but with greater investment in retail promotion. Take big lamps and lanterns city, when in April 2007, reporters came to the store for the first time, there are many same shop in decorating, and more at that time, now the city is big, the number of boutiques, brand image shop has greatly add, store all the more on tolerance. This change is happening an intense image, namely big city surrounding lighting lamps and lanterns city collective growing consumption, consumption needs is the rapid rise from low to high, to promote our dealers in operation will also be necessary to make corresponding adjustment, and the adjustment reflected in shop boss decorate and dealer survey in guangdong stores to find a representation.

Next it is understood that in the 90 s the stores first operating plan to building materials decorative materials is given priority to, not alone the lamps and lanterns. So there is no professional lighting stores, make such appearance to present the reason are as follows: one, in the lamps and lanterns of professional operating merchants don't have much of the time, and the operating scale is not large; 2, one of the earliest built and investment Oriental mall stores, the store began to also don't see the lamps and lanterns, so there is no notice, China merchants operating area is given in the lamps and lanterns is not very big, but the lamps and lanterns of LiuAnLu operating households are mostly in the Oriental shopping mall; 3, due to the operation and development of malls owners ambitions, they want to all eight generic household professional operation, each mall merchants of cent, was not dominated by a professional; Four, are associated with the consumer's consumption habit of hefei, as in the original LiuAnLu ()), has formed a "one-stop shopping", so to build a comprehensive operating stores match well operations.

Unable to grasp the service and product quality, can only rely on cosmetic to attract consumers, it is dealers to grief. Dealers can through acting, of course, good quality and service all brands to deal with this problem, but, our lighting professional, real product quality and the service operation can make consumer satisfy the manufacturer is not many, we once consumption habits to use electrical appliances professional quality and service standard to measure their usual living the rest of the consumption, and these specifications for lighting professional, is tough.