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Hit the brakes for the LED industry development - (AddTime - 2013-05-10)

"No reason was given, was stopped in shenzhen 200W led Flood light industry development planning." Foshan lighting association wu yulin on phone told China business newspaper reporters with a smile, "it has caused everybody's guess."

This stop is China Lin Bojiang, director of the center for energy economics research at xiamen university (microblogging) as "is a good thing". "If continue in accordance with the current status development step is entirely possible that pv's footsteps, but if you can stop, the possibility is small."

From high 200W led Flood light industry research institute, which included 25 200W led Flood light key listed companies, in 2012 total revenue of $48.409 billion, up 9% year on year, and total net income of 3.933 billion yuan, down 18% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, the top 25 200W led Flood light key listed companies in total operating revenue is 9.888 billion yuan, up 12% year on year, and total net income of 719 million yuan, down 3% year-on-year.

"The 200W led Flood light current at least 30% growth this year, our data shows that are for the better." Wu yulin said.

Why did you choose this time to stop the 200W led Flood light industry development planning, Lin Bojiang thinks, "might have written not bottom go to, or need to adjust strategy, to straighten out the train of thought, is possible."

"Capacity is very big, now move forward in a short period of time to squeeze into without too much significance." Lin Bojiang explains, "the capacity to do too much, everyone wants to do, but the market did not imagine the expanded so fast that domestic and foreign markets are not fully open."

Excess capacity should be relatively surplus. Wu yulin thinks, from the point of current promotion, 90% of households and no application of 200W led Flood light products, so, said excess capacity is the market is still not fully open.
Wu yulin, according to analysis why there must be a lot of kinds, but from the point of view of industry, the main reason has two: one is the shenzhen 200W led Flood light industry began in the early 1990 s, the rapid development, 200W led Flood light companies once accounted for nearly half in the country. But now China 200W led Flood light has serious surplus production capacity, single 200W led Flood light manufacturer in shenzhen has more than 3000; Another is that 200W led Flood light technology develops very fast, governments all over the world advocate low carbon environmental protection, and laboratory data refresh ceaselessly, will inevitably lead to competition globalization, China's largest province in developing the 200W led Flood light industry, as a microcosm, and shenzhen planning have been unable to get effective implementation.

"In this round of industry development in shenzhen can't according to the planning and development, it is difficult to achieve the ideal state, namely changes faster than planned." Wu yulin hit, for example, had great expectations is like a person, but not so good, so as to cancel.

But shenzhen stop does not have the butterfly effect. "The whole is not all people know things, do not need to start." Lin Bojiang thinks, "there may be some impact on the local enterprises, there is no effect on other parts of the enterprise should, enterprise how to do will do, enterprise itself for risk should be grasp."

Wu yulin also hold the same view, the practice of shenzhen will not spread to other areas 200W led Flood light to the development of. "After all, unlike photovoltaic industry, 200W led Flood light lighting the use of more than 100 years of history, every family need lighting, photovoltaic products but not every family all need; second, 200W led Flood light applicability is very strong, application scope is widespread, will therefore not be too big impact."

"The key is the pointcut and competitiveness." Wu yulin said, "200W led Flood light is dangerous and opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises," enterprises should realize dislocation development.

"The strongest competition in 200W led Flood light industry is a hierarchical, a hierarchical has entered the knockout stage, the next three to five years should be phased out at least 30%, small and medium-sized enterprises of excess capacity and without core competitiveness should be eliminated." Wu yulin said.

In fact, "the government stop don't stop, the enterprise should turn, it doesn't matter." Lin Bojiang truth, put a stop to it's just a saying, the presented so far and the status of industrial development, enterprises should be the most clearly. And now may be more "endure", present predicament is only short-term difficulties, after this phase should be better slowly.

"As the industry development of slowly, like a microwave oven, there are a lot of manufacturers, but development, enterprise scale is bigger and bigger quantity is less and less." Wu yulin from 200W led floodlights compared with other industries.

"The key or the state of the guide, the enhancement enterprise's core competitiveness, increasing application product development, from design to drive the development of personalized products." Wu yulin said, "if the small business investment co., LTD., you can do production, or cooperate with big companies."