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LED lights will illuminate the entire United States NPR street - (AddTime:2014-07-29)

According to foreign media reports, in New Port Richey, Florida, where the city council has just passed the "1600 LED lights replace" option. Although this program will spend more than $ 29,000 in costs, but it has far less to maintain city street residents receive $ 360,000 annually to the city. Members who are on the street updated proposal was welcomed and expressed great favor. Moreover, in the annual assessment, the council members will pay attention to this reform, and to avoid a gap in the program any funds.

City Public Works Secretary Robert explains:. "Because the light-emitting diode compared to the currently used sodium vapor lighting is much better as time goes on, the traditional street light bulbs will increase more than 35% of the initial use of the darkness, but the LED lamp illumination will remain unchanged. " In addition, LED lighting, light angle is 180 degrees, which with 360 degree light bulbs completely different tradition. LED can be more focused light, a lot less "black spots." And these two advantages will benefit the city police to arrest criminals. Moreover, the street lights now electricity is terrible. Members Jeff City. Starkey LED lights for change very much in favor of the program, said:. "This change will allow the alleys of the city become more bright."

Now, the specific arrangements for the replacement LED lights timetable has come out, I can see everyone is too eager. "Unless the weather impact, or six weeks after the replacement work can be completed." In the next five years, the city estimates the cost per residential unit requires only $ 36.24. Most of the New Port Richey officials about the prospects of LED lights remain very optimistic, they believe LED will lead the city toward a brighter future.