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LED industry in the next big global demand will increase rapidly analyze - (AddTime:2014-08-15)

With the popularity of LED lighting market continues to improve, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. LED lighting manufacturers in addition to lower prices to meet consumer demand outside 2014 have started to import new technologies in LED lighting applications to widen the gap with competitors, among which flip chip LED (Flip Chip LED) lighting market particularly affected attention. LEDinside research Roger Chu said the market size of flip chip LED's from 2013's $ 1.5 billion rapid growth to 2017 will reach $ 5.5 billion in size.

Flip chip LED in the structure can withstand high current drive, with high reliability, high luminous flux and reduced cost several advantages, has been used in FLASH LED lighting and car and other related fields. As for the lighting applications, each LED manufacturers have also launched the beginning of 2013 corresponds to the product to the client to send samples. Despite the presence of flip chip LED technology market has been quite a long time, but limited technical threshold and other reasons that price is high, they could not spread.

Reserve at Chao pointed out that there are opportunities in the flip-chip LED start the second half of 2014 a large number of imported TV backlighting applications, as more and more companies invest flip LED LED technologies evolved economies of scale, will have the opportunity to make a further decline in the cost of . 2014 global LED bulb quantity demand will grow 86%

Rapid decline in the price of alternative lighting products to replace the tide has brought global LED light source. Which bulb and lamp due to high consumer acceptance and become a strong alternative replacement market demand the highest type of light source. Compared with 2013, in 2014 the global LED bulb quantity demand will grow 86 percent, while the number of LED lamps demand growth rate reached 89%.