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2014 LED market rebound - (AddTime:2014-08-15)

LED under the modern consumer electronics shipments and energy saving lighting applications growing market environment, is expected to step out of the market after three years of winter in 2014, entered a new stage of development. Industry analysts institutions in 2014 were six LED market forecast. LED overcapacity, is nearly two things. As a branch derived from the semiconductor industry, LED previously not big industry, mainly used in small-sized mobile phone backlight and other fields. 2009 was a watershed, Samsung pushed to the LED TV backlight areas, each TV consumes hundreds of LED, LCD TV sales on the million units a year, so the LED market broke out. Rapid growth in the number of MOCVD, in 2011 half of the world's MOCVD equipment sold to China. But the market did not grow as fast as expected. LED domestic enterprises is very large, mostly concentrated in the downstream packaging industry sectors, with volume production scale LED packaging companies over 1700, accounting for global eighty percent. 2013 LED TV backlight penetration will reach 90% next year, will replace the backlight lighting, LED industry, mainly for promoting the application of kinetic energy, as a new generation of solid-state lighting mainstream technology, LED now from the past, mainly in the LCD panel backlight market, the rapid extended to the general lighting market. Driven by the trend in energy conservation and environmental protection, governments actively promote LED lighting to replace traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lighting market will have explosive growth estimates, equipment and materials in order to stimulate the huge business opportunities. From now appears, after three years of winter, LED industry seems about to spring next year. 2014 global LED lighting demand will surge 60%​​, of which the largest growth of household lighting, next year will be greatly increased 9 percent, will drive next year forecast to grow 25% LED chip demand.