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Hardware brand lamps and lanterns is illusory purchase specialists to a

Household market in guangzhou recently, the reporter interviews found that a lot of style is the same size as the lamps and lanterns of has a bigger difference on the price. Such as there's a crystal chandelier, same style size some businessmen were priced at 1300 yuan, but some merchants price "" the most preferential price $2000, almost double the price difference. Such a big price difference for consumers to buy lamps and lanterns of said "confusing" price. Crystal lamps and lanterns, for example, has been belong t..
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Leds will going into the households...

200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is energy-saving lamps lighting more than 4 times, but you several times more than energy-saving lamps. Reporter from Taiwan fair at 2013 on both sides of the 200W led Flood light lighting industry BBS learned that by 2015, will 200W led Flood light lamps with energy-saving lamps, fairly price into the ordinary people. Experts on both sides, said the 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns price cut is inevitable trend. Experts said that in the future, the 200W led Flood light will show the endle..
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9 analyzes advantages of LED electronic display screen...

Security: 200W led Flood light display USES a low voltage dc power supply voltage, so very safe to use. No matter old man, children are safe to use and won't cause safe hidden trouble. Flexibility: 200W led Flood light display is made of very soft FPC as the base plate, easy to shape, suitable for all kinds of advertising need to shape. Three, long service life, the normal service life of the 200W led Flood light display screen is 8 ~ 100000 hours, 24 hours a day's work, its life is about the same in recent 10 years. Therefore, the life ..
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LED lamp energy saving plans to start family

Recently, sponsored by jingdong and shun lighting on the energy saving lighting Chinese families plan "activity held in Beijing. Concern and support activities aimed at China's energy conservation and environmental protection cause, optimization technology, to reduce the cost of push upstream and downstream manufacturers, popularizing the 200W led Flood light energy-saving lighting products to the public. Jingdong, chief marketing officer, also a former lenovo manager, said: "the 200W led Flood light lighting products market pote..
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The future of LED lighting industry development prospects are analyzed

In recent years, the 200W led Flood light backlight under the pull of market to show growth in industry. According to high 200W led Flood light industry research institute of statistics, in 2012 China's 200W led Flood light industry output value of 205.9 billion yuan, up 32% from a year earlier, among them, 200W led Flood light epitaxial chips upstream, the midstream encapsulation, downstream application value of 7.2 billion yuan, 39.7 billion yuan and 159 billion yuan respectively, year-on-year growth of 20%, 24% and 20% respectively. Under th..
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Channel war LED lighting companies can turn things around

Experience feeling the stones across the river exploration in 2012, by 2013, the domestic and foreign first-tier brands have started pushing into the 200W led Flood light lighting market, the battle 200W led Flood light lighting sources and started. In guangdong in May last year, the implementation plan of promote the use of 200W led Flood light lighting products in guangdong province to carry out the execution, national ministry of science and technology on July "semiconductor lighting technology development special" twelfth five..
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