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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

LED ball steep light and lumen core solutions

200 led Flood light steep light is the new energy-saving lamps and replacement of traditional incandescent bulbs. A ball bubble is composed of seven parts, which is at the top of the glass, the cover is on the base, there will be a hole above the base, pedestal connected thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of connect radiator, connection on the lamp holder is the drive power, luminous is lamp bead. 200 led Flood light steep light is the structure of incandescent lamp, basic divided into light, driving circuit, radiator, the part of the ..
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Solar garden lights what kinds and model?

As the earth's original more warm, carbon emissions too much problem more and more cause the attention of the world, China is a responsible country in the world, without sacrificing economic rising premise, the country will be more conducive to green energy industry development policy, and solar garden light is the future of sunrise industry, green environmental protection, so as to replace the traditional lighting, become the mainstream of the future market. Solar garden lights and common garden light, are lighting beautify the environment, so..
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Led display production methods

Indoor display of installation 1) hang put (stick wall) Suitable for 10 square meters the following screen. Wall requirement is solid wall or suspension place has concrete beam. Hollow brick or simple partition file are not the method of installation. 2) palletized Suitable for more than ten square meters of the screen, and easy to maintenance. Other specific requirements are the same as stick wall. 3) the lifting Applicable to 10 square meters below the screen, 200W led Flood light the installation must be suitable for install..
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LED display point by point correction of some misunderstanding analysis...

Along with the market competition is intense, improve the quality of the screen shows more and more attention to the industry, point by point correction has been several high-end manufacturers accept for conventional process, also is often display bidding units into the tender. However, 200W led Flood light for point by point correction conditions, implementation, application field and the follow-up maintenance, etc., the industry also widely exist all sorts of misunderstanding and fuzzy concept. The following are some of the common misunders..
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Large LED screen to image signal processing methods

Large 200W led Flood light display screen is a kind of digital type flat panel display. This requires that it can display text, graphics, animation, images, video programs, all kinds of information. Full color 200W led Flood light display screen goal is made giant color display. Large 200W led Flood light display screen and plasma display, large screen back projection television flat panel display has many similarities. In contrast, 200W led Flood light in the material distribution, driving, reduce power consumption and improve efficiency, the c..
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LED screen breakdown maintenance five asked

A, load not or communication is not the reason is what? Communication is not with load not reasons is roughly same, may be due to several reasons, please according to every item and operator control: 1, ensure that the control system hardware has the correct power on. (+ 5 v) 2, check and confirm that connects to a controller serial line is straight line, not cross line. 3, check and confirm the serial ports connecting line is in good condition and no loose ends or falls off phenomenon. 4, control 200W led Flood light screen contr..
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