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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

2013 is the golden development LED indoor lighting market

Since 2012, 200W led Flood light by outdoor lighting to interior lighting market gradually permeate, analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, in 2013, is the golden development 200W led Flood light indoor lighting market, 200W led Flood light indoor lighting era will come. In 200W led Flood light indoor lighting market pattern has not been clear, dongguan many 200W led Flood light manufacturers have begun to actively market layout, expand the channels, to plunder development opportunities. Key in 2013 into a battle for the ..
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Special lighting will become the new engine of the development of the LE...

At present, while the market is still demand for 200W led Flood light lighting continues to heat up, but many large rope orders has quietly appeared signs of delay. Market of unprecedented huge industry who resolutely competitive, in some of the more common common areas such as home, road, engineering, products such as bulbs, tubes, etc. Get soup has very little, in this case, some manufacturers began trying to going on special lighting applications. 200W led Flood light into printing technology is environmental protection and energy savin..
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Lamps and lanterns of market competition enterprise way out in where?

Followed across many present lighting store, lighting dealer at the beginning of the experience the growth of the professional competition between merchants and the merchants format, after beginning to enter market s with the market competition. Will question how dealers and market promotion competition force, the personage inside course of study are discussed, they generally think that admittedly dealers can through the promotion of product quality, service and stores the grade three style to win consumers, however, a single distributor op..
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LED lamps and lanterns of dominant wholesale market potential well

With the continuous development of city lighting engineering, wholesale 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns and 200W led Flood light lamp used in designs city-lighting project began suggesting the development of industry of lamps and lanterns, in jinan, wholesale of lamps and lanterns has also been an unprecedented development, the use of the strengths of the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is known, not only energy saving, long service life characteristics also has the advantages of color changes and changing shape, got the favour..
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Leds to replace incandescent lamp market has huge potential in the future...

"Energy-efficient and colored light LiangYan, long service life, easy to use" advantages, as a new generation of light source 200W led Flood light to replace traditional lighting used in stage lighting to the greatest extent in the future created the largest possible. After Beijing Olympic Games, guangzhou Asian games, the opening ceremony of the international event, such as shenzhen universiade incisively and stage lighting effect of the concentration practice again and again, stunned by. In 2012 Spring Festival gala with the 200W..
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Form the resultant force to promote the LED industry sustainable devel...

200W led Flood light industry has the technology progress fast, strong leading role, prominent features such as wide prospect of market. Speed up promote the development of 200W led Flood light industry, to promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure, promoting resource conservation, optimization has important strategic significance. In recent years, the national policy support and the joint efforts of the industry, the 200W led Flood light industry in China has made great progress. In 2012, is China's 200W led Flood light industr..
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