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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our vison- our commitment to you

We treat all our customers equally – you are all VIPs in our eyes! Quality is our life and we offer only the very best premium quality products and services for you. ..
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How to control our quality?

ICQ----(Control all materials) Production Team----(Most workers have been worked in our factory for over 3 years) Test----(Finished goods test, Aged test, Light failure Test) ..
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Home lighting myth buy more bulbs must learn to see color temperature

Light can be seen everywhere in our daily life, most people enjoy it bring bright at the same time, but ignored it may sow the health hazard. From dazzling neon lights, outdoor to inappropriate use in home design of lamps and lanterns, light pollution everywhere is like a beautiful invisible killer, moment threatening our health. Most families never choose lamps and lanterns At 11 PM, tossing and turning Beijing fengtai ms song is, out of the window and dazzling red neon lights flashing, cracks through the curtains in the ..
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LED prices decline in the market popular season may demand

According to the latest survey shows that the regional markets around the world goods new items 200W led Flood light bulbs in March, the original basic showed a trend of steadily falling commodity prices. Global retail price instead of 40 w 200W led Flood light bulbs in March 2013 present about 3.9%, to $17.1. With British and German market prices in March fell by 5.3% and 6.1% respectively, the two market original basic steadily falling trend, commodity prices and exchange rates rise prompted average price down. The Japanese market instead o..
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The world's largest development of OLED lighting China development op

At present, European and American developed countries are racing to develop 200W led Flood light lighting, in the last two years of major buildings and lighting show, you can see all kinds of lamps and lanterns of 200W led Flood light display. In its essence, the starting point of development of 200W led Flood light lighting and LED lighting is the same. First of all, 200W led Flood light lighting energy efficiency is extremely high. Secondly, 200W led Flood light light quality and comfortable, light is visible light, no infrared, ultraviolet..
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External blow warm wind LED lighting from winter to summer

"Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly," and before long, the light emitting diode (200W led Flood light ) industry is experiencing a reduction tide, closures, today is a hot market. Sun yat-sen 200W led Flood light lighting quality upgrade strategy conference held in guangdong zhongshan xiaolan town yesterday. "It is busy not over." More on the 200W led Flood light lighting industry chain enterprises, said in an interview with the securities times reporter in the international market since the start of better, now t..
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