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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Lighting market chaos, which might bring about brand weak price disorde

With the improvement of consumption level, the lamp in decorating a consumption proportion is higher and higher. Beijing household reporter survey found that although after years of development, but now is acted the role of the market is still facing a brand is not famous, inflated price, logo not congruent, the market still need to further standardize, consumption environment needs to be purified. The market This lamp is what brand? The shop assistant random individual Reporters visited ten mile river after three lights in the cit..
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LED lighting industry will recover or meet in August

2013 will be the outbreak of the 200W led Flood light lighting industry? "International environmental improvement this year, the domestic policy support, the 200W led Flood light industry has the potential of recovery, industry experts predict even in August this year will be the outbreak period." Guangdong lighting electric appliance association fully alive in 2013 China's 200W led Flood light lighting industry development conference to the media said. Whole jian told reporters at the same time, compared with last year 200W le..
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2013 LED industry excess capacity or enterprise heavy electricity plan

In the product prices and under the double pressure of excess supply, China 200W led Flood light lighting industry is facing a new round of shuffling. As a barometer of the 200W led Flood light industry development, the guangzhou international lighting fair, according to data and the exhibition scale continues to expand in contrast, by end of April, 2013, 2013 expo exhibitors amount to more than 2400, 10% less compared to the previous, but choose brand exhibition company area is increased by 15%, according to industry to further improve the d..
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LED lamps and lanterns of dominant wholesale market potential well

With the continuous development of city lighting engineering, wholesale 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns and 200W led Flood light lamp used in designs city-lighting project began suggesting the development of industry of lamps and lanterns, in jinan, wholesale of lamps and lanterns has also been an unprecedented development, the use of the strengths of the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is known, not only energy saving, long service life characteristics also has the advantages of color changes and changing shape, got the favour..
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Hardware development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns space is large...

"Under the support of policy, 200W led Flood light lighting market will have bigger space in 2013, the listed companies is expected to benefit. From the valuation, 200W led Flood light lighting company the current PE is really high, but the location of the PEG is relatively reasonable." Sinolink securities analysts said Zhou Jianbing wealth management center. Under the policy support, industry demand growth Recently, the 200W led Flood light lighting industry seems to be for warmth. As the eu banned incandescent lamp, 200W led ..
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How can the LED lamps and lanterns of mainstream?

Countries around the world have to incandescent lamp has been clear about the elimination or limitation of use such as policy, incandescent light bulbs will gradually withdraw from the history stage; Right now, to vigorously promote energy-saving lamps due to environmental problems also have been criticized. 200W led Flood light lighting will be a main force of the future lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, the consensus in the industry has been basically. But at present, there are still some problems in the promotion of 200W ..
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