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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

LED sorted two methods and development trend

The human eye to light color and brightness of the resolution is very high, especially for color difference and change is very sensitive. For different color the wavelengths of light the sensitivity of the human eye is different. For example, the wavelength is 585 nm light, when the color change is greater than 1 nm, the human eye can feel; For the wavelength of 650 nm red, when the color changes in 3 nm, the human eye can perceive. In the early days, because LED mainly used as instructions or display lamp, and general with single device app..
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LED chip use process often problems and analytic solution

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LED power classification and choice

200W led Flood light power supply there are many kinds of classification methods: According to the output characteristics of the different can be divided into constant pressure series, constant current series, According to the input characteristics of the different can be divided into ordinary series, and high power factor series; According to the use different cent is waterproof series, and waterproof series; According to the circuit structure is divided into different isolation series, and not isolation series; According to the ..
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Analysis LED street lamp power supply working principle

200W led Flood light street lamp power is to decide the 200W led Flood light street lamp driver, let's learn about what is 200W led Flood light street lamp power! 200W led Flood light street lamp power selection (200W led Flood light street lamp power supply variety) the correct choice for mechanical equipment the normal operation of the electric control system is very important. In choosing 200W led Flood light street lamp power supply (200W led Flood light street lamp power know200W led floodlightge), we have to consider the factors and points is..
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LED product quality analysis and judgment standard

In order to develop 200W led Flood light technology, developed countries attach great importance to 200W led Flood light test method and standard research. Such as the national standard testing institute (NIST) organization international well-known testing experts carry out 200W led Flood light test research, key research 200W led Flood light luminescence properties and temperature characteristic and failure characteristics of the test method, attempt to establish a complete set of 200W led Flood light test methods and technical standards, in
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How to correctly choose LED lighting driver IC

In the field of 200W led floodlighting, to embody the led Lantern Festival and the features of long life, correct selection of the led driver IC is very important. Without a good driver IC matching, the advantages of 200W led floodlighting cannot be reflected. So when choosing the led driver IC, should pay attention to what performance index and method of use? 200W led floodlighting lamps and lanterns in the near future for the development of the leap, LED as the cleanness of green environmental protection light source widely recognized. 200..
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