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How to break LED three factors which influence the development of the market - (AddTime - 2013-01-17)

LED the market development of the three factors

1, the price is expensive
Compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lamps and lanterns price from ten times to dozens of times inequality. Price is on the high side, greatly influenced led in the market sales.

2, the quality is uneven
In the men crazy into the market and the low malignant competition, LED industry in quality the good and bad are intermingled, the market chaotic situation, the impact of the LED lamps and lanterns in the consumers' mind buying credit.

3, consumers know degree is not high
As a new thing 200W led Flood light , at present, many consumers do not truly understand led lamps and lanterns, overall led industry awareness is not high, this led directly to the many dealers lack of confidence.

The bureau: LED promotion problem sanwei silver bullet In view of the above three aspects of the dilemma, we believe that 200W led Flood light to into ordinary families, must through the technological innovation to reduce LED products prices, improve product quality, and increase the propaganda, let more consumer understand LED.

1, break LED price spell
In June this year, wood LinSen shares to part again LED ball bubble and LEDT8 light pipe greatly price adjustment, price adjustment by over 40%. This is the LinSen wood since the beginning of the year of the implementation of the second round of price adjustment measures, two price adjustment range up to 70%.

With the development of technology of LED and costs continue to drop, the 200W led Flood light products price in recent years also decreases, the 200W led Flood light application popularize captured the first difficulty.
2, technology innovation casting quality quality
At present, LED the market is in the warring states period, the governors disputes LED product price confusion, quality the good and bad are intermingled. Therefore, the high quality, the high ratio of LED products become the urgent needs of the market. This year, the wood LinSen shares and one of the world's leading manufacturer of LED device PhilipsLumileds through the PhilipsLumileds global partner plan this platform formally establishing close cooperative partnership, PhilipsLumileds will according to the wood LinSen its light source family brands of high-end positioning for high quality LED device products. At the same time, LinSen wood with Taiwan's industrial technology research institute on close cooperation, solve the LED lamps and lanterns in the structure design, and visual design, thermal design, and many other structural technical problems. LinSen with wood as a representative of LED enterprises, through the continuously strengthen product development innovation, technology innovation, product upgrade, etc, to provide customers with high quality LED products, LED to the trend of the new light source into the tens of thousands of households. 3, strengthen the publicity to promote LED knowledge popularization
To the popularization of 200W led Flood light knowledge, at present, the government and the enterprise through the LED exhibition, experience hall, media and so on many kinds of ways to public for LED concept spread, build good publicity range, spin the LED industry "Chinese good voice". Ten months and days, the domestic first LED theme pavilions in guangdong science center opening. LinSen shares with wood as a representative of 10 LED outstanding enterprise was awarded the "guangdong LED theme garden show base" title.