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Channel construction is LED lighting for the enterprise market opportunities of the edge tool - (AddTime - 2013-01-18)

Since 2011, LED by the enterprise in the subprime crisis hit, and LED by the enterprise surplus production, technical bottleneck, development level is not high, the product of a single series of problems, such as the limit, to cope with the fierce market competition, the early 2012, many large enterprises such as the 200W led Flood light the photoelectric, national star electricity, DE hao embellish of, true bright and beautiful, etc, and they have launched their domestic sales channels to plunder; While the traditional lighting brand, such as philips, leishi, op, etc are also trying to expand their domestic 200W led Flood light sales channel. Ledinside think, in today's situation, the construction of channel undoubtedly become 200W led Flood light for the enterprise market opportunities of edge tool, who can master channel, who can grasp the future competition of the initiative. At present, the 200W led Flood light is subject to enterprise in 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns and permeability of the price factors more is through the project (contact) channel, circulation (distribution) channel, e-commerce, OEM OEM sales channels, etc. Contact channels - LED industry channel of the rising star

Due to the national advocacy of energy saving and emission reduction, and to integrate with the international practice, conform to the trend and engineering field sparked a replacement panic. Hotel, street light, authorities began to use large amounts of LED products, so the engineering channel LED manufacturers in recent years become the main market. But at present, the LED in stealth channel penetration, commercial lighting enterprise, construction association, design companies are said: trend is very apparent. Due to the contact channel group can directly affect the owner's choice, so they to promote the brand in the local influence can play a great role and public praise publicity function. With designer as an example, on the one hand, they don't direct selling lighting products, on the other hand they are the starting point of the project, the project is the style of the positioning, and affects the material into the engineering admittance threshold, is the only series party a and party b, the material side of the special professional groups, so stylist become all kinds of LED enterprise including lighting distributor, that is the main focus of chase. Circulation (distribution) channel number of numerous LED enterprise to fall in love

Circulation channel currently USES agent and distribution in the way. Therefore, the bulk still manufacturer to retail the main mode. Individual manufacturers take retail or image flagship store operation mode, such as Virginia ai to retail, it's bright and beautiful to image flagship store, they even at a huge sum of money to buy Beijing and tianjin property for image construction. Generally speaking, store and image store profit at present should not very ideal, so suggest small company if money not allowed, it is best to temporarily don't take this risk. Financial plenty of big companies can do prior intervention market preheating. Electronic commerce as 200W led Flood light products a new channel mode, why not accept favour:

Tetragonal view: Electronic business channel advantage one, from the social consumption subject their own habits With 80, 90 after the Internet generation gradually become the main consumption, together with the ability to accept new things quickly, consumption idea is more fashionable. This 200W led Flood light industry for the future of the field of e-commerce, it seems that contains unlimited business opportunities. Secondly, the 200W led Flood light has not yet universal situation, electronic business channel is better than traditional lighting channel promotion and purchase At present, the 200W led Flood light marketing has not been popular, if consumers want to buy high quality LED lights, in the supermarket or hardware store on market, such as the normal circulation channel can't buy. According to statistics, more than 95% of the current domestic traditional lighting channel is not large area cover 200W led Flood light products, only a few large supermarkets have few brand of a few design LED bulb in sales. Faced with the plight of the shortage of channels, a lot of 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns understand consumers can only turn to look for in the products, thus promote the enthusiasm of the net LED lights. Third, online sales of low cost, wide cover

According to the current stage of the 200W led Flood light enterprise, if let the LED lamps and lanterns quick access to the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of distribution channels, the difficulty is very big, and the capital investment is very large. In contrast, online sales of low cost, wide cover advantage is obvious.

Opposition point of view:
Although network platform is now a popular shopping way, but want to consider the main object is the net retail, and retail objects in the Chinese market accounts for less than 35%, so at this stage than not ec channel. In addition, at present, the 200W led Flood light of end user to engineering and decorate a company is more, a few ordinary consumers, and engineering company and so on is directly find manufacturers supply, so the engineering and circulation (distribution) channel donations. Ledinside think: electronic commerce to 200W led Flood light product is a new channel mode, e-commerce platform excellent resources integration is expected to become the future trend, and for some capacity abundant industry speaking, model of profitability even more than product development. So LED enterprise can through the electronic business sales product quantity present gradually rising trend, with the aid of this platform to open up new sales channels, to occupy more market share. OEM OEM channel mode rich fast, but being hidden trouble

OEM mode is primarily a small factory for big companies tiepai processing way, or manufacturer for traders processing way, is the traditional lighting enterprise development 200W led Flood light business the most rapid way, for no sales channel LED enterprise, OEM will be preferred. But the disadvantages of OEM mode is related to technology limited. If the company really to do 200W led Flood light , rely on OEM mode, there will be great hidden trouble. Traditional lighting enterprise based on the consideration of profit maximization, often can maximum control production cost, which can lead to the product quality could not be guaranteed. Combined with enterprise for the generation of labor cost continuous compression, leading to the product frequency in "quality door", there is no lack of among them philips, osram, op brand enterprise, etc. Ledinside believe that the current 200W led Flood light channel is still in the lighting industry in the process of growing me.but, constantly sum up practical experience. With the growing popularity of the lighting applications group to accept and use, the 200W led Flood light channel construction will be suddenly enlightened. Therefore LED enterprises should bring the subjective initiative, positive broaden the channel construction, seizes the market opportunities, of course, in the construction of enterprise in the channel more to inside and outside and repair, to ensure that the products can be smoothly from the source to terminal.