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How to enter LED lighting New Territories of the rural market - (AddTime - 2013-01-19)

Since last year, with European and American market downturn, the domestic market gradually become numerous brand enterprise of one of the main battlefield fought. Always with "the price is high, high quality" as the characteristics of the 200W led Flood light , with its scale, the industry application, the price is greatly reduced, and develop the rural market has become the possibility, the reporter in the lamp expo on understand that many 200W led Flood light enterprise the rural market as one of the main direction in the future. The rural market attractive prospect also got the west zhongshan rambo, lighting co., LTD., marketing director LiuZhu identity. Research has shown that: at present, our country rural family generally use incandescent lamp, its power consumption is 200W led Flood light lighting eight times, is twice the fluorescent lamp. With the growing energy crisis, saving energy save electricity has become a global consensus, and 200W led Flood light lighting does not contain mercury, not easy and broken, wastes can be recyc200W led Flood light , become the world's top new green lighting products. "Almost all businesses including 200W led Flood light enterprise all think that China's agricultural market 200W led Flood light lighting in two years will see benefits, from now on, the vast rural areas will become one of the biggest 200W led Flood light lighting market." LiuZhu said that in foreign markets in the cold, the domestic real estate market downturn, just a little under three line city 200W led Flood light lamp market by many impact. Buyers have also said that by the end of 2011, "China phasing out incandescent lamp, to speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps" project official start. The country's vast rural will also become the largest 200W led Flood light lighting market. Problem: product "reasonable price" test enterprise competitiveness

Reporter in the resistance to shine bright booth to see, the company developed the "happy family" to absorb dome light price is in 230 yuan/lamp or so. Manager zhang said, their goal is to make China leader 200W led Flood light to absorb dome light, because the main market for the rural market, so they left no stone unturned in price way. "Attack the rural market must be excellent quality and reasonable price." Manager zhang said, with the similar products compare, this enterprise product will be cheap to 70-80 yuan/lamp, the only way in rural market is more competitive. With the rapid development of rural economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the farmers to life lighting quality requirements are improving. But in contrast, rural spending power is insufficient, if the price is too high, even 200W led Flood light energy saving is difficult to promotion. Therefore, how to keep the price advantage, is 200W led Flood light enterprises to participate in the rural market competition of the key. Manager zhang said, 2011 household lighting industry in anguish struggling and wandering through with the biggest bottleneck is undoubtedly channel, a second line market quality resources are a brand firmly grasp, three level 4 market investment cost too many enterprises do not have input conditions, and household lighting of the main consumer market are three level 4 market, household brand want to increase the share of the sales only help distributors in villages and towns sales channels. To do "reasonable price", on the one hand, is to reduce manufacturing cost, on the one hand, is to optimize channel to reduce operation cost, it is only through the control cost, to make more profit. Experts pulse town lighting industry how to from the biggest change is the strongest?

The ancient town 21000 lighting enterprise annual output value of 17 billion yuan, the ancient town has become the largest lighting industry base, but the biggest does not represent the strongest, the ancient town lighting industry the next 10 years how to go? Lamp expo period, the ancient town to invite new hire's eighteen lighting industry consultant for town lighting industry development direction and path Suggestions. Many experts suggest town increase enterprise merger and integration efforts. In the first industry consultant annual meeting, the town party committee secretary YuXi basin to the present situation of the ancient town lighting industry speak their own "worry" : the ancient town lighting industry although do the largest, but not the strongest, and Europe and the United States advanced lighting industry is still a big gap compared, milan international lighting fair and other international well-known lighting show also does not recognise the guzhen lighting, the protection of intellectual property rights become the biggest problem, though milan lighting show there are many products are town lighting enterprise OED production, but they did not approved town enterprise to the show. Promote enterprise m&a integration intensify protection of intellectual property

Industry economics doctoral tutor boubaker.s said, he started to observe tracking guzhen lighting industry development, from the current view, guzhen lighting industry really made great progress, but in the ancient town of lighting industry still exist "stars, the moon more than little" situation, the enterprise market competition ability is not strong, the key is to test the lack of service level. He thinks, a local industry development have vitality, the key to see the industry development level, testing level and the financial service level. Now the ancient town is acted the role of enterprise with international qualification level of testing platform is very few, to build the testing service platform, must want to local governments and leading enterprises to implement. Huizhou yuan get photoelectric co., LTD., director, general manager ShiYuCan said, the ancient town lighting industry there are more than 21000 enterprises, the annual production value amount to 17 billion yuan, and huizhou including yuan get photoelectric co., LTD., the three large lighting enterprise, an annual output value reached 7 billion yuan together. The ancient town is acted the role of enterprise why so long do not? Taiwan lighting industry when there is more than small and large enterprise less phenomenon, then the government initiated industry integration, many small businesses merged, thus forming a strong industry competitiveness. The ancient town in this respect should also be bold attempt, "stand of development pattern now doesn't work, or in the coming years will go not bottom go to." Guangdong product quality supervision and inspection institute senior engineer LiZiLi said, because small town lamp act the role ofing, enterprise staff quality is not high, many small businesses boss even for lighting products standard lack of know200W led floodlightge. Product standards is the product of the most important evaluation parameters, the ancient town is acted the role of enterprise now is such a problem, especially 200W led Flood light enterprise. Therefore, the government is necessary to small businesses for product standard training. For enterprise intellectual property protection efforts to increase, now many lighting enterprise technical staff liquidity is very big, legal and illegal technology transfer are many, therefore, the government if not effectively protect of intellectual property rights of enterprises, there is nothing to ensure that the enterprise can succeed the transformation and upgrading. South China university of technology, economy and trade college associate professor lee closure to the enterprise intellectual property protection difficult problem to offer a prescription: using e-commerce channel model, through the establishment of unified industry electronic system platform, each piece of lighting products play an electronic id card, so is to eliminate the copying the counterfeit problem. "Although the platform takes a lot of money, but the electronic commerce is the important direction of enterprise future development, the government should combine the development direction to do." "Suggested two" lighting industry to find their own "culture soul"

In the current weak domestic demand, now of situation, lighting enterprise have felt a chill. But, the enterprise in developing new market also found that, the ancient town lighting brand awareness is still has great limitations. Guzhen lighting industry how to promote the construction of brand? Relevant experts also gives a lot of advice. A enterprise female boss said at the meeting, the boss is the lamp of the ancient town enterprise in order to survive and entrepreneurship, and now the problem sett 200W led Flood light , enterprise and development to a certain scale, "they don't know how to go up, everyone was very confused, because you don't know where is the soul of the enterprise. She suggested that the government should create a rational social atmosphere, to make business owners improve their spiritual pursuit. LiZiLi argue that local government can draw lessons from successful practices in some parts of the country, to the big city to build a local high-quality goods city, every local competitive products, whether produced arrogance enterprise or small business, as long as according to the national standard production and testing qualified, all can enter the "local high-quality goods city" fair, using it as a local brand to promote. The Hong Kong university of science and technology management and associate professor, department of market LiuDingGuang doctor thinks, from the brand construction for the development of the industry, the ancient town 200W led Flood light than surrounding some city night, so, the ancient town should make full use of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of 200W led Flood light production advantage, the 200W led Flood light technology is widely applied in more fields and the brand construction emphasis on the application of 200W led Flood light innovation, thus promote the improvement of brand awareness. "Lighting enterprise development eventually want to rely on cultural brand, also is what people enterprise soul, let consumer products lead to form a kind of scientific life style.