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The domestic LED plant lighting market problem for solution - (AddTime - 2013-01-21)

An urban white-collar came home from work, in the shop window light a lamp, light in the pot, vegetables begin to grow rapidly. One of the mystery, not in the water nutrition, but the window of the light. In July 2012, 2012 Japan facilities horticulture and plant factory exhibition, exhibitors launched for greenhouse multilayer cultivation and plant factory 200W led Flood light module. At that time, the 200W led Flood light industry plants become focuses on hot. At present the plant lighting is mainly used in agricultural breeding, including the plant production, animal husbandry, micro algae cultivation, edible fungus production, etc. "In addition to agricultural breeding, in fact, at present ornamental plants 200W led Flood light is also gradually into the market. According to the shenzhen west power technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Germany force") chairman of the board of directors YangDeLi forecast, in the coming years domestic breeding lighting led alternative market scale will reach 30 billion yuan. Despite such a good market prospects, but need to be in the future for quite a long time to realize.

"The plant lighting applications more areas are commercial, plants into the home and decoration field, at least need five years." YangDeLi said that at present domestic LED plant lighting and a variety of factors limit. Engineers led industry research institute (GLII) statistics show that in 2011 China 200W led Flood light plant output value of about 300 million yuan, including more than 90% of exports. LED plant lighting factory at present in China, the market is still in the cognitive and running in period, and the next two to three years will be LED plant lighting market fast stage. New entrants low probability of success

In 2010, the state council issued a document no. "the state council of the communist party about increasing the coordination of urban and rural development efforts to tamp agriculture rural development foundation certain opinions", which pointed out that, to actively support agriculture the transformation of development mode, to enhance the agricultural science and technology innovation and generalization ability. This paper document was also the research institutes in China agriculture interpretation LED plant lighting industry development policy guide. Many enterprise aim at this market. GLII statistics, up to the end of June 2012, the domestic has the certain scale LED plant lighting enterprise quantity about forty home. And as early as in 2009, when the domestic only two or three engaged in 200W led Flood light plants of the enterprise. "China is the world's fourth largest plant factory power, the future LED plant lighting prospect is considerable. A personage inside course of study says, or based on future market situation optimistic judgement, begin from 2009, the domestic engaged in LED plant lighting enterprise quantity increased year by year. "These new entrants, see only the 200W led Flood light plant high margin of representation." In YangDeLi opinion, although at present, the 200W led Flood light plants of the gross profit rate more than 100%, but not many successful cases. "The success rate is only single-digit." The reason is that, at present domestic plant lighting market model is based on the cooperative development enterprise and the academy, i.e., the scientific research institutions to find some professional LED plant lighting enterprise, we develop some standard for product development. "If you don't have a certain channels and resources, new entrants difficult to participate in market competition. LED plant lighting involves many disciplines, including semiconductor, spectroscopy, biology, etc., and these areas are completely different industry, 200W led Flood light enterprise must have short." YangDeLi said, 200W led Flood light enterprise to be successful entered to plant lighting field, will need at least three to five years the accumulation of time. In fact, in the overseas market, many foreign firms have LED in the layout of agricultural lighting, market competition is also undertaking sadly. On the one hand, with the development of LED technology, governments have LED to agriculture lighting application as an important development direction, active layout. On the other hand, in Japan as a representative part of the resource scarcity type country to plant lighting industry vigorously support, also in the promotion of the development of the local market quickly. "With the improvement of agricultural environmental protection requirements, the technological progress, the price decline, the plant lighting market will soon have a new round of growth." Taiwan plant lighting representative enterprise lilly's general manager swim even add prediction, next year plant lighting market will have a outbreak period. With lilly's, for example, in 2011 the company in plant lighting factory on the revenue is $100 million nt, and in the first half of this year the company received a foreign government order near $100 million nt. The enterprise put in output rate low

Domestic 300 million yuan output value compared to hundreds of billions of dollars of general lighting output value, a lot of the personage inside course of study "hut see big house" to describe. Swim even add says, domestic plant lighting market reasons for the low permeability is mainly for the domestic enterprise is concerned, the plant lighting is completely a piece of emerging market. At present domestic LED plant light sales market are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China and the United States, Europe and other agricultural personnel engaged in less countries and regions. It is understood that the plant lighting is mainly used in plant factories, plant landscape and breeding lighting three areas. And at present plant lighting the main market is plant factory. "The market is relatively mature, mainly by LED replacement pull." YangDeLi said to shenzhen city as a case, the 5 a plant factory can supply the shenzhen daily dosage of fruits or vegetables. And breeding lighting market potential although great, but at present the market and to be developed. "Breeding lighting is mainly LED fluorescent tube, but at present the biggest difficulty lies in the promotion of cognitive change." YangDeLi said. "Plant lighting the high cost and less sales, it is some large enterprise do some early development and exploratory market development." Sunshine lighting general manager officer yong said that as early as a few years ago the sun lighting will have to plant lighting made some research and development investment, however was narrow market space, and complicated channel and production process, make the company suspended the project. Plant lighting is a more partial door segmentation field, not suitable for large-scale promotion.

According to reporter understanding, in addition to philips, osram, mitsubishi, ring and other international lighting companies focus on the market is still in the outside, the domestic most small and medium-sized enterprise in few lighting. At the same time, the enterprise of plant lighting the input and output is not proportional to, this also let a large number of covet the market segment of the enterprise "to the hand". It is understood that the mitsubishi to LED plant lighting input is common plant lighting 10 times the left and right sides, but the market prices are common vegetables such vegetables four times. "The government agency order although can get large profits, but after all the market space is limited. Swim even add said. And in YangDeLi point of view, the domestic large enterprises disdain plant lighting market, on the one hand, caused the domestic plant lighting behind the international market, make the domestic market permeability is low; On the other hand also for domestic small and medium-sized enterprise make a piece of new segments of the market. Market mode resistance

"At present domestic still do not have plant lighting industry rapid development market soil." Officer yong said that unless solve some basic problems, or plant lighting market will not appear in the domestic explosive growth. And these basic problems mainly for new ideas on promotion.

At present, China academy of agricultural scientific research units, such as for 200W led Flood light can promote plant growth concept did not understand and accept, not even a wide range to promote. "If the plant lighting theory must depend on enterprise to promote, you have plant factories and customers to accept the gap, and promote the difficulty and cost problems." Officer yong said. To some extent, the domestic LED plant lighting market mode is the enterprise and the academy as a research and development unit, terminal market is academy or some government agencies. And overseas market pattern is, the government to provide funds to do research and development support, the enterprise is responsible for the production, the mass consumer market. Officer yong said, overseas LED plant lighting the degree of marketization, on the one hand, the higher agricultural colleges and institutions to the technology research more deeply, and on the other hand, but also in Europe and the United States and other developed countries of people in the popular science knowledge of relatively high acceptance. And in the domestic market, the enterprise in addition to scientific research institution theory, but also in the popular plant factories and customers of the popularity of the concept of green vegetables. The enterprise is concerned, appear because.