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How to deal with LED the listed company price war? - (AddTime -2013-02-28

Now, no matter from enlarge market share, or out of stimulating consumption market and other reasons, the price war is more and more like businesses with edge of small profits and quick turnover has become one of the development path. The first picked up the price cut weapons enterprise are often the most easy to incur criticism, because peer enterprises or follow together with the price, or to see their own market a little be diluted off.

So, for the recent such as rectangular 200W led Flood light , wood LinSen, really bright and beautiful, DE hao embellish of 200W led Flood light and other brand launched price war campaign, the personage inside course of study how to treat?

Engineers LED reporter visited chengdu large 200W led Flood light markets. And the dealer in the listed company of the recent price war on the phenomenon, some say can understand, but also some dealers said do not look good price war.

FuHe lamps and lanterns city lucky lamps and lanterns shop ms. Chen said, the listed company half year drop two times the price of the phenomenon, she still see for the first time, the listed company of the price war or don't dozen go too far, after all, they need to responsible for shareholders. "In fact the listed company make price war is taking a huge risk, is not to say that there is plenty of money can give to lower the price, because the listed company by the share price ups and downs, results announcement, the influence of such factors as investors intervention." Ms. Chen said, the price war is a kind of "fight" in the form of processing is not good when the results may be "sustain losses in business to make the call".

According to the recent price war frequent phenomenon, the reporter interviewed the sichuan SONY light source co., LTD. ZongCaiBan director ChenRongDong, he made his own views.

Engineers LED reporter: SONY in industrial upgrading of 200W led Flood light channel is there implement price war? Recently many famous enterprises for the price of a panic what view is there?

ChenRongDong: so far, SONY has not participate in price wars plan, because the price war is not only the enterprise profit and occupy the market way. Price war to the whole industry speaking, the disadvantages coexist, the whole industry will bring the positive development of what kind of influence, we see for the moment.

Since each enterprise's positioning, development direction and emphasis each are not identical, take the market strategy is endless also and same. In the fierce market competition, also have enterprise according to their own development needs to take the price war strategy, which is inevitable. Price war itself is not a bad thing, will accelerate industry reshuffle process in a mess, full of LED industry who will fish in troubled waters out market, make industry tends to be normal, this is all of us want to see. But along with all the price war itself is a double-edged sword, use is not good, may also hurt themselves, even injury and the industry image. So, we think that launch price war can not to sacrifice the product quality and brand value for the price.

SONY light source position is clear, our target market is clear. At present, the price war is not our impact market choice.

Engineers LED reporter: so you think now listed enterprise whether I should go low end the market, whether should make price war?

ChenRongDong: because each enterprise positioning itself is different, the strategy is endless also and same. Some listed enterprises, which is on the economics of scale takes up the market. Price war is in order to effectively suppress competition, even will rival extrusion market. Price war may not be just in the low end of the market development, high-end market price war.

The listed company is not necessarily can do low-end products, because in the present China, low-end products also have a large market space. Now the market segmentation is very clear, want to accord with consumer market demand has enough market share, the positioning of the low end products of the listed company's development is favorable. Engineers LED reporter: do you think the price war strategy for the listed company not listed company's development and market share have effect? Why?

ChenRongDong: influence is inevitable. This kind of influence not only affected not listed company, the listed company itself have influence. At present, the LED industry is relatively good chaos, the industry of the future investment in in succession, no matter whether they are aware that this done technology. Chaos of war, the use of price war the ace in the hole, also can yet be regarded as a choice. Smoke all over after, still stay in this industry to do the practical work of the real.

Engineers LED reporter: not yet on the market the company's enterprise how to deal with the listed companies in the capital abundant condition on the price war?

ChenRongDong: it's a bit like a philosophical question. The listed company capital strength may be superior to unlisted enterprise, can in market competition to occupy a certain advantage. But the market competition is not only capital competition, market depends largely on the success of the enterprise comprehensive competition strength, including enterprise management, science and technology research and development, cost control, brand, etc. As long as the clear positioning itself, can choose the appropriate way to deal with. Of course, a lot of capital strength relatively strong enterprise will choose you drop I also drop to see who has the last laugh. But we think, participate in market competition, can take many forms and means. But the most important is the enterprise in their own management, technology research and development, cost control on full time, especially marketing take differentiation strategy, shaping unique brand, can win enough market share. God reward those who work hard, this world and not all things are only know money does not know a person. Conclusion: with the responsible person of the enterprise and dealer's communication, the reporter summarizes some them in dealing with the listed company launched a price war is typical of policy measures. Mainly includes the following three points: First, follow the price cut. In the enterprise launched after the price war, in order to the market for the forehead, get more sales and profits, to follow the price strategy. The final result of this strategy is: the price bottom out, with a square squeezing out of the market, or in which both sides had end. This time the spell is enterprise overall strength, and some small and medium-sized enterprise in competition in obvious disadvantage. Second, keep to the original price, do not drop. Although the other people all in price, but if I once follow suit, not only do not make money also TieQian. The way to a disadvantages: keep the profits, the lack of the market share. Wait until you want to reduction of time already miss the good opportunity, and in the end, or in death, the enterprise to be in the dilemma. Third, change locate mode, and enhance product added value. In the price cut like a raging fire, do not take price strategy, on the contrary, pay attention to improve the added value of products, such as increasing the product after-sales service strength etc., let the price to sell their products, their products and brand value. Rectangular 200W led Flood light , and other enterprises, the price war is in the 200W led Flood light industry listed companies mainly to quickly capture the market, sales outlets laid the current stage of enterprise development strategy of the product. In the face of the listed company has abundant capital cases of price war, many not listed companies must adjust good mentality. Price war is inevitable, industry development, will appear shuffle situation. Unlisted enterprise can do is to be certain market, constantly adjust strategy, edge survival, edge development. And to the listed enterprise, it must keep in mind: price war, pay attention to the marketing strategy, but must not ignore the product quality!