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LED driver circuit: technology upgrade the pursuit of high efficiency - (AddTime -2013-03-02

Drive circuit is 200W led Flood light (light emitting diode) is an important part of products, the technology and the maturity is with 200W led Flood light the market expansion and escalate. No matter in lighting, back light or display board area, drive circuit technical architecture choice should match with the specific application.

As LCD (liquid crystal display) back light source, 200W led Flood light in portable products in unshakable position, even in the large size of the LCD back light, 200W led Flood light has begun to challenge the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) mainstream position; And in the field of lighting, 200W led Flood light semiconductor lighting as the key components, but also because the top of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, free maintenance and so on many aura by market chase after hold in both hands. However people ever concern, in prismatic "star" after death, how many "supporting role" in silent dedication? 200W led Flood light driver circuit is such a "the hero".

Drive technology gradually upgrade

200W led Flood light luminous mechanism is in its both ends plus forward voltage, semiconductor of minority carrier and majority carrier happen composite, release excess energy, thus cause the launch of photons. 200W led Flood light drive circuit, the main function is to ac voltage conversion for constant current power supply, and at the same time, in accordance with the 200W led Flood light device with requirements of the voltage and current and 200W led Flood light the matching. With the white light 200W led Flood light , for example, the white light 200W led Flood light to about 3.6 v power supply voltage to achieve the appropriate brightness control. However, most of the portable electronic products are the lithium ion battery for power supply, they are fil200W led Flood light with electric after about 4.2 v, safety put out after the power is about 2.8 v, obviously can't white 200W led Flood light by cell direct drive, so need to use booster circuit in the battery cycle uninterruptedly for 200W led Flood light stable power supply.

In addition, many product designers hope 200W led Flood light brightness in different applications can make corresponding change, the task will be to drive circuit to complete. PWM (pulse width modulation) technology is a kind of traditional dimming way, it USES simple digital pulse, repeatedly switch 200W led Flood light drive, the system only need to provide wide and narrow different digital pulse, can be simple to change the output current, so as to adjust the brightness of 200W led Flood light . This technology has the advantage that can provide high quality white light, and application is simple, high efficiency, but a fatal flaw is easy to generate electromagnetic interference, and sometimes even will produce the human ear can hear the noise. Beijing think popular electronic technology co., LTD CEO PeiShiYan introduces digital dimming technology, the use of the technology can be real-time control 200W led Flood light brightness, and avoid the electromagnetic