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Different room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy - (AddTime - 2013-03-18)

Repair, repair facilities, repair equipment, repair, decoration materials, maintenance, decorating feng shui, decorate material knowledge and design knowledge, knowledge construction, house decoration, the choice of housing decoration 200W led floodlights and lanterns is not simply the pursuit of light and bright, but the pursuit of beauty; Can not only meet the number of lights, more to consider its quality; Should not only consider the lighting of the scientific and reasonable, but also consider the effect of lighting color of psychological; The choice of 200W led floodlights and lanterns is not only a science, or an art.

Light reflected HuaTang - sitting room lighting

Sitting room generally with a generous bright lights or absorb dome light as the main 200W led Flood light , with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as: wall 200W led Flood light , canister light, shoot the light, etc. In terms of the main lighting, if the sitting room storey height more than 3.5 m above the living room, can choose class is high, is a little bigger size of the chandelier or absorb dome light: if the height is controlled in 3 m, appropriate USES mid-range luxury 200W led floodlights: the height below 2.5 m, appropriate USES middle-grade decorative absorb dome light or don't advocate the 200W led Flood light .

Other independent 200W led Flood light or floor 200W led Flood light on one end of the sofa, let not direct light scattering in the sitting area, used to talk to or browse books and newspapers. Also can be in wall proper positioning of the wall 200W led Flood light with chic modelling, can make the wall unripe brightness. If there are murals, cabinets, etc., can be set up invisible light to try to adorn. Put a 200W led Flood light beside the TV set miniature low illumination incandescent 200W led Flood light , hall light and shade contrast, can be reduced to protect eyesight.

200W led Flood light to warm the heart - dining room lighting

Family dining-room 200W led floodlightlight decorate the focus of the table, of course. Lighting generally hanging chandelier are available, and to achieve the effect, can't install droplight is too high, dining at eye level of the line. Rectangular table, then install droplight of two 200W led Flood light that droplight or long elliptic, chandeliers let there be light, the light and shade regulator and drop function, in order to and for other work, Chinese pay attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, often need some bright warm, eat western food, if somewhat dark downy light, can create romantic emotional appeal.

Dining room ceiling and walls should have enough light, otherwise it will affect appetite, 200W led Flood light or wall 200W led Flood light auxiliary lighting can be used.

Beacon mindfulness -- study illume

Quiet environment of study should be cultured, concise and lively. The light had better carry illuminate from left shoulder, or in the brightness of desk ahead furnish taller not the desk 200W led Flood light of dazzling. The desk 200W led Flood light of special study, appropriate USES artistic desk 200W led Flood light , such as spin mural type desk 200W led Flood light or desk 200W led Flood light of the art that move light, make the light immediate illuminate is on desk. Generally do not need fully consumed for convenient retrieval can be set on the bookcase invisible light.

If one room is multi-purpose "study", appropriate is used close partly, opaque metal portable 200W led Flood light , the light can be focused to the desktop, satisfy the need of exercise plane already, do not affect indoor and other activity again. If be read on seat, sofa, had better use the floor 200W led Flood light of adjustable direction and height.

Light MengYing --, bedroom lighting

The bedroom is bed rest room and asked for better privacy. Soft light requirements, should not have a vision, to make people more capacity into the sleep state. Dress makeup requires uniform bright light.

Can choose the light is not strong absorb dome light as the basic lighting, placed in the middle of the ceiling; On the wall and near the toilet glass wall 200W led Flood light ; With berth 200W led Flood light of the head of a bed, in addition to the common desk 200W led Flood light , base on the bed on board with adjustable 200W led Flood light holder Angle of modern metal 200W led Flood light , beautiful and practical.

Ming hutch the cate - kitchen lighting

Choose 200W led floodlights and lanterns of the kitchen is usually based on principles of waterproof, prevent 200W led floodlightblack and easy cleaning. General Settings in the upper part of the work station of embedded type or half embedded astigmatism absorb dome light, embedded or transparent plastic face mask in a transparent glass, the ceiling is concise, reduce dust and oil on the trouble. Hearth generally set above the smoke 200W led floodlightblack machine, hood with invisible small incandescent light bulb, for working in the lighting. If the kitchen and dining room, can be in mensal upper part setting fire lift that cover sheet or more than single fork droplight. Source incandescent light bulbs, appropriate USES warm color, unfavorable use cool color fluorescent 200W led Flood light .