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Special lighting will become a new engine LED the development of the market - (AddTime - 2013-03-25)

At present, although the market is still demand for 200W led Flood light continues to heat up, but many large rope orders has quietly appeared signs of delay. Market of unprecedented huge make people have resolutely competitive industry, in some of the more common common areas such as home, road, engineering, products such as bulbs, tubes, etc. Can be assigned to the soup has very little, in this case, some manufacturers began trying to going on special lighting applications.

LED into printing technology is environmental protection and energy saving

LED technology in recent years, expanding and increasingly severe environmental problems cause people to the attention of the environmental protection product, LED printer began to concern.

LED print is actually formed by light-emitting diodes as the light source on the drum unit images - from the leds in the LED print head light through a lens array is formed on the photosensitive drum. Relative to the laser printer, in the work, LED printing system, fewer moving parts, work efficiency is higher. Ago, people thought the LED cost relative to the laser printing equipment printing devices, but from the point of manufacturers released products in recent years, LED printing equipment prices are falling, the reason is the printing technology is more and more mature, and LED printing technology in environmental protection, the volume, speed and quality to win the laser technology, people began to tend to buy printer LED printing products. Related experiments show that LED printer laser printer did not produce ozone and other pollutants, in the process of working is good for the office environment and human health. As LED the diameter of the narrowing, can constantly improve resolution, this amazing technology is unable to catch the other printing technology.

Built-in xenon bulb lighting new umbrella

Some products began to ideas and new types of special field, the built-in xenon bulb lighting new umbrella.

Built-in xenon bulb, can be in the dark night to illuminate your footsteps. Umbrella surface is made up of 8 pieces of 3 m reflective material, including four blocks from the built-in 4 AA batteries, light. Its design can stand up to 40 miles per hour winds and fear injury.

Replace the fluorescent lamp 200W led Flood light food market prospect

At present 200W led Flood light has been widely used in frozen ark, and is more and more used in low temperature freezer, even used to light up the fresh foods. Before lighting lamps and lanterns, besides the shine and the consumption of energy, produced a lot of the heat need refrigeration systems to cool, causing the waste electricity. And the LED lamps and lanterns and other semiconductor devices is not only save electricity, and has high luminous efficiency, long time work under low temperature.

Irish Nualight, the company said in an appropriate light source to illuminate their food is very important. Currently retail food lighting market a market capitalisation of $1 billion. Retail food lighting market is going to be a very promising market, through Nualight, chief executive of LiamKelly description, found that the market is very large and active, Nualight company in the past few years the annual growth rate in more than 100%.

Liam said: "so far, freezers and refrigerators) is more focused on system configuration of lighting system. Hope the LED in the system of air-conditioner replacing fluorescent lighting applications. In recent years, including wal-mart, tesco, kroger and SUPERVALU, large food retailers in the world, all leds to replace fluorescent lighting in the frozen food, save energy as much as 70%.

Applicability to all emergency rechargeable LED lights have been listed

200W led Flood light into our life gradually, new LED bulbs are also beginning to mature, so that better applicability in emergency are rechargeable LED bulbs. With energy conservation and environmental protection, applicability and good response performance, and many other advantages, rechargeable LED lights will probably become the new choice for lighting.

Rechargeable LED lights, just as its name implies, in addition to have LED bulb is energy-saving, durable, low carbon environmental protection and other characteristics, can be recharged, when sudden power failure, the bulb lights can last. As people increasingly strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness and the continuous improvement of the product itself, this kind of rechargeable LED bulb in the overseas market has been relatively mature, has been more and more families, especially the students of the welcome.

Since almost can be installed in any indoor lighting such as table lamp, pendant lamp, lamp holder, and the characteristic of its rechargeable, easy to carry, rechargeable LED bulb is popular in Europe and the United States, Australia and other countries, to become foreign families choose indoor lighting and outdoor lighting tools such as tourism, camping products of choice.

The author thinks that, due to the lighting market is one of the more common in the field of fierce competition, businesses expanding areas of special lighting can yet be regarded as a complementary good strategy. The New Year, every manufacturer in addition to a wide variety of solutions to provide cost-effective lighting products, can go to look for other lighting related application products, such as industrial lighting, plant lighting, refrigeration lighting and other special applications, can also choose jewelry such as 200W led Flood light , LED cabinet light, LED warehouse light, etc. More high-value, subdivision of the field, military lighting a is still blank.