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Form the resultant force to promote the LED industry sustainable development - (AddTime - 2013-05-04)

200W led Flood light industry has the technology progress fast, strong leading role, prominent features such as wide prospect of market. Speed up promote the development of 200W led Flood light industry, to promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure, promoting resource conservation, optimization has important strategic significance.

In recent years, the national policy support and the joint efforts of the industry, the 200W led Flood light industry in China has made great progress. In 2012, is China's 200W led Flood light industry adjustment and upgrade of key year, industry development to overcome various unfavorable factors, industry scale expanded steadily. According to preliminary statistics, in 2012, annual sales income 200 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of around 30%.

At the same time, 200W led Flood light technology has taken a solid step. Independent research and development of the production of white 200W led Flood light devices luminous efficiency has reached 200 lumens per watt, with international advanced level gap is gradually narrowing, device packaging technology with the international basic level; Metal organic source, sapphire substrate, phosphor and other key materials to achieve scale applications; MOCVD equipment has developed ability; The technology level of a group of backbone enterprises in the competition.

Although China's 200W led Flood light industry development has made remarkable achievements, but the problem is still outstanding. Include: fundamental breakthrough in key technology has not yet been, products mainly to mid-range, intellectual property risk has emerged; Enterprise scale is small, the lack of internationally competitive large enterprise; Industrial structure is not reasonable, the product homogeneity competition is intense, standard and testing capacity building behind the demand of industry development, etc.

All in all, for the development of 200W led Flood light industry opportunities and challenges coexist, has a long way to realize industry healthy and orderly development. Competent department of the ministry of industry and information technology as an industry, will further implement the party's eighteen big spirit, adhere to the "strong ability, heavy support, tree brand, promote the application of" development ideas, set up department, the department, provincial linkage and mutual together to implement the organization and management mechanism, work force, promote the healthy and sustainable development of 200W led Flood light industry.