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Analyses the market of lamps and lanterns next three pandemics "doctrine" - (AddTime - 2013-05-08)

Household decoration, you can choose a what kind of lighting lamps and lanterns for your home? Which lighting lamps and lanterns is both useful and not ebb?

Energy conservation, energy-saving lighting lamps and lanterns is popular with consumers. If use 3 200W led Flood light core electric longevity energy-saving lamps, can choose according to the demand intensity. At the same time, widely used new type energy-saving light bulbs also become lighting lamps and lanterns product craft tributary.

High craftsmanship: because electronic trade is widely used in the manufacture of lighting lamps and lanterns to adapt to the out voltage, can adjust the brightness of the third generation of lighting lamps and lanterns. Without strobes, three wavelength chromatographic can adjustable light, red light radiation far infrared light and other lighting lamps and lanterns, which is good for eyesight asylum also took to the market.

Color: rich and fruitful and colorful lighting market now mouth synchronization, lamp more than ten big brands of colorful cloak, with maple leaf red lighting lamps and lanterns, natural blue, coral, yellow, grass green, etc., color, appear elegant and warm.

Utility: such as electric lamp, desk lamp, and a bed lamp as light sensitive DE law wind control lights, night directly DE law wind, the lamp can light up automatically, the phone hang up after the end of 50 seconds delay control and automatic combustion. And the day after, the lamp will not light. This set a variety of work for one of the lamp, is just after the consumption fashion.

Environmental protection: environmental protection is the new topic of lighting lamps produce craft, show people to save is pay attention to bedroom, related people think this is a major growth target goal home lighting in the future. Beijing a company makes the deodorization of mosquito repellent lamp, adopted the pure enzyme differentiation poison smelly crafts lighting lamps and lanterns of ten big brand, not only can link indoor, toilet.

Combination use: lighting is daily with commodity combination of popular fashion, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlights, etc.

Pragmatism: what is the basic function of lighting lamps and lanterns? Is the lighting. Return to the origin of lighting lamps and lanterns, ignore the appearance of beauty and decoration, lighting function is emphasized.

"Pragmatism" is not the pursuit of gorgeous appearance, don't let a person can't figure out the "tank", let a person more is not exaggerated straight eyes straight hair or a racing heart shape, however, it can maximum limit satisfy people lighting needs, can bring the winter cold night filar silk light, can let the street people walk in the cold wind because see long-so large curtain inside the faint light and not afraid to go on road.

Technology: "as long as good, not afraid of you. The market of lamps and lanterns to blow a" wind "of science and technology, new material, new craft, new technology constantly emerging, make lamps and lanterns lighting products from a reveal master as to the identity of the high-tech product, even if the prices are expensive, modelling is less, also because it's noble material or the mysterious technology and has been ignored intentionally or unintentionally.

Decoration: the pursuit of beautiful and novelty, novelty, refused to insipid like water, as long as good, true the United States, even if the prices are more expensive, brightness down, use a little trouble, also don't mind.

As a nice, decent dress image add cent gives a person, a strong appearance, elaborate lamps will also upgrade the quality of life of people in the bedroom. Lamps and lanterns is not only a lighting tool, dress up and it is a place of the bedroom, a piece of jewelry, and even of bedroom host favorite thing in the world.