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Intelligent lighting three major advantages, market prospects and the status quo is unstoppable - (AddTime:2015-01-19)

With the development of network technology and communication technology, and proposed the development of digital home concept, the intelligent lighting as an important part of the digital home are the various intelligent manufacturers pay attention to it, finishing the following three aspects of intelligent lighting control systems and related product features are introduced:
First, control the content and scope:
1. Time controlled by the clock manager and other electrical components to achieve different control lighting time for each region on a normal working condition.
2. Lighting automatically adjust the brightness control through each dimmer module and illumination motion detection and other electrical components, to achieve in the normal state for each region for the normal operation of the auto-dimming lighting control, so that the region illumination will not change with sunshine and external factors such as changes in illumination preset value has remained so.
3. The scene is controlled by each dimmer module and the control panel and other electrical components, the scene of the various regions of the normal working state switching control illumination area.
4. Automatic switch controlled by each dimmer module and movement detectors and other electrical components, automatic switch control to the normal operating state of each area lighting.
5. The emergency lighting control refers to the control of intelligent lighting control systems for emergency lighting special area performed by controlling each emergency lighting control dimmer modules and other electrical components, to achieve a state of emergency lighting in each area abandon dimming control, so that in the accident state of emergency lighting to reach 100%.
6. Manual remote control via infrared remote control, manual control to achieve the various regions and regional scene lighting control in the normal state. Range of intelligent lighting control system mainly includes the following categories: urban area lighting, street lighting; household and public parts of the atrium lobby, corridors and elevators, etc;; important segments of the computer centers, hospitals, military, and other In addition, the overall large buildings and facade lighting also provides a switching signal is controlled by the intelligent lighting control system
Second, the reliability of the intelligent lighting control system
Reliability of the system fault tolerance measures relate to the content of the system structure, the system controller and other aspects.
1. With the development of computer control system architecture and communication technologies continue to improve, develop from the fourth generation of distributed control approach to today's fifth generation of distributed control. Distributed control is characterized by a highly modular structure on the controller, the layout can be highly dispersed, high degree of autonomy on the controller performance, intelligence, and self-diagnostics and fault information through a simple standard protocol for high-speed bus transmission, so simple and very reliable distributed systems architecture, design, installation, operation, maintenance, and is also very convenient.
2. The lighting controller reliability as an important part of the control system, the key components controllers, circuit design and reliable protection measures or not, it will directly affect the safety of operation of lighting and stability.
3. In addition to the structure, the reliability of the system controller, the control system can maintain reliable and stable operation must take preventive measures to further improve the safety and reliability of the system. Such as setting up the monitoring software on the network, check online each controller online communication is normal, when a controller once found abnormal communication system will automatically disposal.
Third, the intelligent lighting control system comprehensive advantages:
1. good energy saving effect of the current macroeconomic construction, saving energy task more urgent. Intelligent lighting control system through a variety of different "smart set" control mode and control elements of illumination at different times in different environments for precise setup and management to achieve maximum energy savings. This automatically adjusts the illumination of the way, take advantage of natural sunlight outside only when necessary to open when the fixture to the required brightness, with a minimum of energy to ensure that the required level of illumination, energy-saving effect is very obvious, generally up to 30% the above. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system for fluorescent lamps can also be dimming control, due to the use of dimmable electronic ballasts for fluorescent active filtering technology, reducing the harmonic content and improve the power factor, reduce the low-voltage power loss, to achieve the same energy-saving purposes.
2. extend lamp life extended lamp life can not only save a lot of money, but also greatly reduces maintenance workload replacement lamps, reducing the failure rate and operating costs of the lighting system, management and maintenance becomes easier. Whether thermal radiation source, or a gas discharge light source, voltage fluctuations are a major source of damage. Therefore, the intelligent lighting control system can effectively suppress voltage fluctuations, through the system of defining and choke filtering function voltage, avoid over-voltage and under-voltage lighting damage. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system also has a soft start and soft-shutdown technology to avoid the impact of current for light damage. By the above method, extended lamp life is usually 2 to 4 times.
3. To improve the quality of lighting quality good lighting is a necessary condition for improving the efficiency of work and study. Intelligent lighting control system to control dimming module instead of the traditional flat panel switch control lighting, can effectively control the entire room in each illuminance values, thereby improving illumination uniformity. At the same time, electrical components within this control method is also used to solve the stroboscopic effect, does not engender confused, feeling of eyestrain.
4. Implement a variety of lighting effects of modern architecture, lighting, shading is not simply to meet people's visual effects, but should have a variety of control schemes, so the lighting artistry building stronger, let people enjoy the fantastic visual effects. If the hall in the building, lecture hall, lobby, atrium, etc., and external contours with intelligent lighting control system, according to different times, for different purposes, different effects and the use of appropriate pre-set scene control, we can achieve a rich artistic effect.
5. The management and maintenance of intelligent lighting control system for easy lighting control based on modular-based automatic control, manual control, giving the parameters preset lighting scenes to digitally stored in the EPROM, set and replacement of such information is very convenient plus lamp life is greatly improved and the lighting management and maintenance easier.
Higher economic returns 6. According to expert estimates, only energy-saving lamps and save two: three to five years, the owners can basically intelligent lighting control system to recover the full cost increase. The intelligent lighting control system can improve the lighting environment, improve employee productivity and reduce maintenance and management costs, but also a substantial cost savings under owners.
IV Summary
Based on the above number of advantages, intelligent lighting home lighting system must be of a trend. Imperative. .