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Home lighting myth buy more bulbs must learn to see color temperature - (AddTime : 2013-06-03)

Light can be seen everywhere in our daily life, most people enjoy it bring bright at the same time, but ignored it may sow the health hazard. From dazzling neon lights, outdoor to inappropriate use in home design of lamps and lanterns, light pollution everywhere is like a beautiful invisible killer, moment threatening our health.

Most families never choose lamps and lanterns

At 11 PM, tossing and turning Beijing fengtai ms song is, out of the window and dazzling red neon lights flashing, cracks through the curtains in the bedroom, let her very upset. There are people suffering every day indoor light pollution threat. Beijing tongzhou Mr Zhang gets up at half past six every day, summer is good, the morning late in winter, bleary eyed every time to open the lamp, eyes are hurt.

East yi risheng original international design center this villa is installed, a senior expert designers Wu Wei told reporters that he engaged in decoration industry in recent years, almost 90% of families when choosing lamps and lanterns, focus on the appearance of lamps and lanterns and the size of the energy and power, as to how the intensity of illumination, and the size of the color temperature of lamps and lanterns is about lighting environments such as whether it can meet health standards, few people care about. In a furniture store, the reporter interviewed 20 random customers, they all say when choosing lamps and lanterns, the main consideration good appearance, don't know what is the color temperature, the lighting design is poorly understood.

Eight myth household lighting

According to the United States, according to a survey about two-thirds of the world's population lives in the light pollution. Scientific studies have found that any artificial light source will produce a subtle light pressure. This kind of light pressure exists for a long time, can make the person, especially infants and young children appear restless, mood restless, so that the insomnia. Wu Wei warns customer, should avoid the common pitfalls in our daily life, to build a nice, comfortable and healthy scientific lighting environment.

The overall light too bright. A lot of people in order to reveal luxurious, when decorating, a large number of used bright lamps, crystal lamp, shoot the light, downlight, etc., and some installation of a full circle on the ceiling lamp in the living room. Such lighting the lack of scientific nature, not only waste resources, also to eyeball caused great stimulation, easy cause mood be agitated.

Brightness strength regardless. Household space function different, is different to the requirement of intensity of illumination intensity. In general, the brightness of the space such as sitting room, study, restaurant space such as stronger than the bedroom, kitchen, which is accord with human body routine. Bedroom is best installed at least three different types of lamp, a lamp is headlamps, don't too high wattage, lest too dazzling when turn on the light in the night; A lamp is a lamp, a lot of people like to lie on the bed to read a newspaper, the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted, best to read some sort of light, watching TV getting dark; Can also be designed where 30 cm off the ground a lamp that the light is downy small night light, open in the middle of the night and for a night.

The contrast is too strong. Should try to keep indoor light soft, uniform, no glare and shadows. Create special effects, some people in some space in indoor use with opaque shade of lamps and lanterns, led to indoor light and shade, when the line of sight of people from the bright area to dark zone, the eyes have to adapt to a period of time to see objects, and can easily cause visual fatigue.

Light colors. When some families choose lamps and lanterns, in the pursuit of luxury, tend to ignore the daylighting of the reasonable need, the lighting design becomes colorful. Light color mixed and disorderly, not only damage eyesight, but also interferes with the brain central nervous functions.

Regardless of the color temperature. Most people only consider when buy light intensity of illumination, rarely consider the color temperature. Generally in indoor lighting, light source for cool color to move, auxiliary light source appropriate for warm color to move. In addition, from the point of room use, appropriate USES cool color light source such as study, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony appropriate USES warm color, such as light source.

Put a fluorescent lamp of the head of a bed. People always like to placed on the bedside table a fluorescent lamp, but the lamp looks warm and has a stroboscopic shortcomings, and use long time, also will send a "buzzing" sound. In this environment, read a book, play computer, will cause harm to human body, such as vision loss, dizziness, insomnia, etc.

Total will be adjustable brightness of light source to the maximum. Because according to demand the bright and dim, tunable light source is favored by many people. Many families used to put the brightness to maximum, this not only greatly shorten the service life of the light source, also adverse to human body health. Adjustable the brightness of the light source control in 60% - 80%, best don't more than 90% maximum brightness.

TV wall on one side of the turn on the light. Some families at the side of the TV wall installation to shoot the light, when watching TV only turn on the TV wall side of the lamps and lanterns, this will affect the audio-visual experience, is not conducive to eye health. Both sides should be in the seat design wall lamp, table lamp or floor lamp, brightness is best adjusted to 50% while watching TV.

Buy the light bulb must learn to see color temperature

How to avoid home outfit "light pollution" in the lamps and lanterns, improve indoor visual environment? Wu Wei thought, on the one hand, should notice reasonable indoor lighting design, such as pay attention to the light color coordination, avoid dazzle, choose impact on eyes the color of the small, avoid direct light the human eye, etc.; , on the other hand, consumers should also improve lighting design concept, buy big brand, high quality lamps and lanterns, the adornment of bedroom of healthy pollution-free environment. Wu Wei reminds, when consumers buy lamps and lanterns, not only to consider the intensity of illumination, namely we often say the wattage, learn to consider the color temperature. Normal manufacturer production of light bulbs will be designated on the package in the color temperature, commonly used color temperature is 2700 k, namely ordinary incandescent lamp color temperature, its characteristic is feeling warm light, but not enough bright, suitable for use in the bedroom the head of a bed, wall lamp, such as local lighting; 3000 k color temperature is the most close to natural light, belongs to the warm light, warm and bright light, is suitable for the whole home lighting design; 3400 k is white light, belong to cool color light, can let a person concentration, suitable for office, learning, etc. If there is no logo, color temperature light source on the packaging of products may be informal, do not buy as far as possible.