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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

LED screen breakdown maintenance five asked - (AddTime :2012-12-24)

A, load not or communication is not the reason is what?

Communication is not with load not reasons is roughly same, may be due to several reasons, please according to every item and operator control:

1, ensure that the control system hardware has the correct power on. (+ 5 v)
2, check and confirm that connects to a controller serial line is straight line, not cross line.
3, check and confirm the serial ports connecting line is in good condition and no loose ends or falls off phenomenon.
4, control 200W led Flood light screen control software and their chosen control card to choose the right product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial number, the correct serial transmission rate and control software provided dial the code switch diagram correctly set control system hardware on the address bits and serial transmission rate. 5, check jumper cap is loose and fall off; If the jumper cap not loose phenomenon, please make sure that jumper cap in the right direction.
6, such as through above check and correction after there is still no load, please use multimeter measure, whether the connected computers or control system hardware serial port is damaged, to confirm whether they should be back computer manufacturers or the control system hardware remand detection. Second, the 200W led Flood light screen just power on there was a few seconds of bright line or screen images become the cause of the flower? Will screen controller and computer and HUB distribution board and the screen is connected, the need to provide controller + 5 v power supply in order to make its normal work (at this point, do not directly with 220 v voltage phase connection). Power on instant, a few seconds will appear on the screen of the bright line or "flower screen", the bright line or "flower screen" are the normal test phenomenon, remind the user screen is about to start work normally. 2 seconds, this phenomenon to be automatic eliminate, the screen into the normal working state. Three, automatic or manual brightness adjustment is what mean?

Brightness adjustment refers to the screen can show the most dark and the light made between the adjustment, not sensitive regulation. Automatic brightness adjustment is according to the different time periods should appear different brightness by being the broad 200W led Flood light screen control system to be automatic adjustment to a schedu200W led Flood light brightness. Manual brightness adjustment is to point to the end user to 200W led Flood light screen control system through the operation, let the 200W led Flood light screen to a specified brightness. Four, unit plate appear the whole piece of screen not bright, dark light reason

1, visual power connecting cables, unit board between 26 p row line and power module lamp is normal or not.
2, using a multimeter to measuring unit plate for normal voltage, and then measuring power module voltage output is normal or not, if not, the judgment for power module is bad.
3, measuring power module voltage, adjust fine (power supply module near the lamp in the fine) that the voltage up to standard.
Five, 200W led Flood light screen appears screen full black reason is what?

In the control system the process of application, we occasionally meet 200W led Flood light screen appears screen completely black phenomenon. The same phenomenon may be due to the different causes, even the screen black process due to the different operating or because of different environment and different. Such as it may be a power on moment is black, also may be in the process of load in black, may also be sending after the completion of the black etc. :

1, please make sure that including control system, all the hardware has all the correct power on. (+ 5 v, don't pick back, answer wrong)
2, check and repeated confirmation for connection controller serial line if there's any loose or falls off phenomenon. (if the loading process black, probably because the cause, namely in the communication process due to the communication line loose and interrupt, so screen black, do not think that the screen body did not move, the line can not be loose, please check it, this to want to quickly solve the problem very important).
3, check and confirm connection 200W led Flood light screen and master CARDS connected HUB distribution board is close connection, whether in reverse.