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LED display point by point correction of some misunderstanding analysis - (AddTime :2012-12-25)

Large 200W led Flood light display screen is a kind of digital type flat panel display. This requires that it can display text, graphics, animation, images, video programs, all kinds of information. Full color 200W led Flood light display screen goal is made giant color display. Large 200W led Flood light display screen and plasma display, large screen back projection television flat panel display has many similarities.

In contrast, 200W led Flood light in the material distribution, driving, reduce power consumption and improve efficiency, the color of the reduction degree and consistency of the difficulty is likely to be worse than the other flat panel display bigger. This is because the light emitting diodes is without anger sex device, switch time is nanosecond level, no memory function, plus the display area is large, the signal transmission distance is long, can't use the most advanced COG SOB, and other large-scale integrated circuits, the method of the manufacture of 200W led Flood light display screen to image signal processing were briefly discussed.
200W led Flood light display screen to image signal processing generally there are two kinds of methods:

A kind of method is using special screen signal processor, the interlaced scanning TV signal, processed into progressive scanning signal, and then to play on the big screen. High performance processing function processing number as high as 10 yuan, doing scan conversion to take when interpolation operation, motion estimation and compensation and scan conversion, etc. Now high order large 200W led Flood light screen are using this method, and for more image signal processing, tries hard to ascend to the radio signal level, of course, effect is better. The computer image also should pass the processor processing, and then sent to the large screen display. Processing technology is also in constant development, there have been many new algorithms have been proposed. We are familiar with large size back projection TV and plasma big screen TV are widely using this method, the effect is much better than the ordinary TV. In this case, the output signal is usually according to the transformation of signal format to describe, appear more precise.

Another method is the multimedia method, usually cal 200W led Flood light synchronous screen method, this method is to use a common multimedia card capture TV signal, and demodulation, filtering and tone separation, etc. Image signal after A/D conversion, MPEG coding compression, in order to storage. Play back to unzip, directly on a computer monitor to watch. Sent to the big screen signal through the special interface card from the computer DVI interface or graphics on acquisition, interface card and some processing. At this time, the big screen in fact equivalent to the computer monitor or its part, usually cal200W led Flood light Windows, can realize one-to-one synchronous display. Because the computer monitor is progressive scanning, so if not for the show to send smoke signals frame pumping line processing, then, big screen display format is the format of the monitor.

For example, VGA format is pixel number for 640 x480 of progressive scanning formats, the scanning update rate for 75 hz. But here's 75 hz progressive scanning signal, and not image source itself to ascend, the image quality is not improved, in fact than fifty hz interlaced scanning level even worse, similar to DVD or VCD effect, this is the place where is often confusion. As for some of the ChouHuan screen images, such as image information even dropped only the odd picture information sent to the display, the effect of course worse. Allude, the images show the situation is more simple, although some animation game also requires good continuity, but for the big screen for animation to play, the picture update rate more than ten hz can accept.

The embedded controller or single chip microcomputer control of the display screen, programs by the controller, the controller produced by processing capacity restriction, provide picture fast enough, can cause image discontinuity. The most typical phenomenon is, by single-chip microcomputer control of the screen, in the words left or right, is not smooth but the jump. Experience and calculation can be concluded that the 10 16 xi6 lattice Chinese characters of the bar screen, if the whole picture in 5 seconds to the speed of the shift to the left, in order to move smooth coherent, its frame frequency must reach more than 15 hz.