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LED display point by point correction of some misunderstanding analysis - (AddTime :2012-12-26)

Along with the market competition is intense, improve the quality of the screen shows more and more attention to the industry, point by point correction has been several high-end manufacturers accept for conventional process, also is often display bidding units into the tender.

However, 200W led Flood light for point by point correction conditions, implementation, application field and the follow-up maintenance, etc., the industry also widely exist all sorts of misunderstanding and fuzzy concept. The following are some of the common misunderstanding on concept clarification and discussed.

Error: point by point correction need to use special driver chip

As long as the control system support, general drive chip, also can realize by point correction!

Erroneous zone 2: it is by DianJiao by the control system manufacturer to do, correction technology is bound and control system together

Point by point correction real necessary conditions are the following three points:

1, high precision, high efficiency light brightness acquisition equipment
2, can realize by point correction of the control system
3, the above two data butt
Point by point correction can be divided into two steps:

1, accurate measurement of the every single light/chip brightness, get pointwise correction coefficient.
2, the correction coefficient data feedback to control system, realize the precise drive control point by point.
Point by point drive control had already achieved, the market universal control system has this function. But for millions of light point data collection, some control system manufacturers developed all kinds of tools, the acquisition method and other systems are mutually exclusive. So caused by DianJiao with control system is bound, the understanding of the integration of misunderstanding. At present, the common sampling method organic bench point by point collection, digital camera collection and, import equipment acquisition and high intensity measuring instrument SV - 1 system acquisition several, including SV - 1 system has been realized and the market most of the general control system data docking, display manufacturers can choose driver chip, control system, to complete convenient and efficient point by point correction. Error 3: as long as the spectral width is narrow, you don't need any point by point correction Even without regard to cost to cream segmentation, point by point correction is still useful. Using spectral color separation machine to ensure uniformity of display screen has a lot of limitations, first of all, spectral color separation machine color separation accuracy can be achieved ± 1 nm, basically meet the requirements of the color uniformity, However spectral accuracy is plus or minus 10%! This means that, even if the spectral width 1:1, 1, you actually get range of light is 1:1. 3 or so. In the design of the display production process, circuit board design, design of form, housing design, and put the lamp welding light is light and assembly process will affect the final display uniformity. And screen before they leave the factory must after 72 hours of aging, the aging process each lamp point light failure is not consistent. This will cause, the delivery of finished product display the uniformity of uncontrollable, cannot achieve the expected design. In addition, the spectral color separation machine to guarantee the uniformity of the finished products, also could not cope with the use of a period of time after the screen display quality optimization needs. So, 200W led Flood light point by point correction can do what? Using the high accuracy acquisition equipment, such as division d best SV - 1 system, can be in the following aspects as: a

1. As the screen before they leave the factory last procedure, greatly enhance display uniformity. The SV - 1 system, even if is to use 1:1. 1 spectral lamps, SV - 1 accuracy are enough to let you see uniformity promotion effect.
2. Support color correction of the control system, SV - 1 can give pointwise bright color correction coefficient matrix, realize color gamut space conversion, and at the same time, improve display uniformity and color fidelity.