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Led display production methods- (AddTime :2012-12-27)

Indoor display of installation 1) hang put (stick wall) Suitable for 10 square meters the following screen. Wall requirement is solid wall or suspension place has concrete beam. Hollow brick or simple partition file are not the method of installation.
2) palletized
Suitable for more than ten square meters of the screen, and easy to maintenance. Other specific requirements are the same as stick wall.

3) the lifting
Applicable to 10 square meters below the screen, 200W led Flood light the installation must be suitable for installation location, such as top beam or lintel place. And the screen body generally need to add back cover.

4) a pack
A loading can be divided into: Mobile base loading: refers to the saddle and processed separately. Placed on the ground, can be moved. Stationary seat chong: refers to the saddle is connected with the ground or metope of the stationary seat frame. 2. The installation of outdoor display mode

1) ground support type
2) pillar
3) Mosaic type
4) roof type

This kind of means to consider stress resistance and the typhoon level!