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Four big problem inquiry LED lighting enterprise - (AddTime :2013-01-05)

Recently, all the 200W led Flood light enterprise began to "fresh" rise, a sweeping 200W led Flood light enterprises due to reasons such as collapse tide of excess capacity. Countries star electric first operation center located in changzhou, shenzhen semiconductor lighting co. LTD. The first domestic high-end 200W led Flood light green lighting boutique, SanXiong aurora of jointly sponsored the domestic first retail energy saving lighting project research, the traditional lighting enterprise leishi lighting began investing heavily in 200W led Flood light lighting products...

Visible, local policies of the state subsidies under the "booster", all lighting enterprise began to "drawing sword", 200W led Flood light lighting products, channel war here. In the face of the height of enterprise to carry out 200W led Flood light lighting industry, lighting enterprise in the 200W led Flood light lighting industry and traditional lighting enterprise transformation, experience the development hot, cold, after reduction tide, how to adjust their own goals and strategic positioning of the product, still face the inquiries of four major problems.

1, the traditional lighting enterprise transformation of pain. Facing the country "aggressive" 200W led Flood light popularize, local government and 200W led Flood light lights "gave don't hit", consumers in the face of new things, hesitate to accept. Traditional lighting enterprise "contradiction" in advance, not only to race "initiative", and need to rely on traditional lighting business as support. Traditional lighting enterprise leishi lighting difficult transformation is one example, experience high turmoil, bottom strikes, channel points, now is still in the period, despite three big executives consistent work force in the development of 200W led Flood light lighting, but still a long way for far, will search up and down. Traditional lighting enterprise, therefore, how to keep balance of traditional lighting and 200W led Flood light lighting "and" the way, how to seize the market opportunity, giving full play to the advantages of channels, looking for the 200W led Flood light the success of the transformation, and still is one of the traditional lighting enterprise need to thinking problem.
2, 200W led Flood light lighting product homogeneity lag. 200W led Flood light lighting in addition to the energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon, and long service life and good efficacy, mainly it can better realize the intelligent lighting system intelligent control, induction light modulation technology, we can have some lamps and lanterns and light design, etc. But lack of innovation in 200W led Flood light lighting products and traditional lighting products, lamps and lanterns design homogeneity, consumers don't understand the difference of the light source, in the face of the lamps and lanterns of same, of course, more inclined to the original consumption habits. Homogeneity of 200W led Flood light lighting products inquiry lighting enterprise how to segment the market create distinctive lighting product is a lighting enterprise innovation first law.
3, price wars. Chip technology, raw materials caused by excess capacity and other 200W led Flood light lighting products price are industry development trend, but the market there are many fish in troub200W led Flood light waters businessman, shoddy and fake, actions under the signboard of "200W led Flood light " low "up to buy dog," heart hurt consumer, also cause unfair competition of the industry. So price wars will hit consumer confidence in emerging things, lighting enterprise how to restore consumer confidence, build a cost-effective products, how to carry out the channel and promotion activities are still lighting enterprise.
4, quality problems. In September, quality and technology supervision of guangdong province for 200W led Flood light products for the sampling inspection, examined, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, foshan, zhongshan, huizhou, dongguan and so on seven cities and enterprises in the production of the 200W led Flood light lamp product fails, including 23 batches, 17 batches passed the inspection, the qualified rate of less than 30%. Even some famous brand also fai200W led Flood light products. Although 200W led Flood light lighting has the characteristic such as long service life, good efficacy, but this is all based on the need for raw materials and packaging technology has good. Quality problem again inquiry enterprise research and development technology, packaging technology, cooling technology and so on the manufacturing of the product whether can meet the requirements of product described. Conclusion: for the battle of the 200W led Flood light lighting market has started to open, but the pain of transition, homogeneity, price, quality problem still inquiry for lighting enterprise. Face many of the enterprise competition, formulate product strategy, brand positioning, improve the technology is still enterprise gravity axis.