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LED silver support use the matters needing attention - (AddTime : 2013-01-18)

In order to reduce 200W led Flood light silver support in the storage and use of the bad, the easy to use at the same time, please pay close attention to the following items:

1, led silver support is functional plating, we pay attention to is the weldability and silver coating conductive good sex, followed by support oxidation stability and function.
2, silver plating chemical properties: simple substance silver in the conventional state chemical properties, performance stability with water and the oxygen in air rare chemical reaction, but meet hydrogen sulfide, oxygen compounds, ultraviolet irradiation, acid, alkali, salt material action is vulnerable to chemical reaction, its performance for silver layer surface yellowing and gradually become dark brown. Although we on plating after stent LED to silver coating for weak organic protection treatment, but its resistance to change color performance is still very weak, so, don't go the stent production process operation, please seal preservation.
3, storage use note:

A, in has not opened the package conditions, storage place conditions: 25 ℃, relative humidity below < 65% below;
B, LED silver support package once opened, please pay attention to the following items:

1 do not use free contact support. Free contact support, sweat will the stent surface, the subsequent storage or baking will accelerate support coating color oxidation and support matrix rust oxidation, if free contact support function, the welding line effect range;
2 working environment should keep constant, the control in the 25 ℃, relative humidity below 65% ", in order to prevent the support oxidation rust;
3 in the temperature difference is great, should try to reduce the working environment of the air flow, long time no homework support should be made of sulphur box, box to seal protection;
4 led support in the oven, in maintaining the normal operation of the oven, the vent try to close.
5 in the cold season, try to minimize the bare stents in the process of storage time, because the environment temperature is low, the pressure of the atmosphere at the same time on the low side, the air pollution index is higher, the daily work produced by the waste gas is difficult to send out, and easy and silver biochemistry reaction causes the color.
6 package finished products shall be tin plating treatment as soon as possible (including all plating product), otherwise easy to have lead foot oxidation, lead to bad appearance and solder bad;
7 because soft solder is acid, so the products should be thoroughly cleaned after soldering performance residue, otherwise will be in a relatively short period of time appear oxidation rust.
4, for use support should be piled up no more than four layer, prevent gravity extrusion deformation; In the process of handling should be gentle with; Open packaging application in blade gash adhesive tapes.
5, the result of stents stamping die is the mechanical cooperate, regularly maintenance mould, to ensure that support the mechanical size in the drawing tolerance range. In order to your company work smoothly, please do support the batch control, in order to reduce the deviation of different batch support:

A, confirm the packing sealing ribbon and production date Numbers, both the unity of the same batch of feeding, otherwise please separate feeding;
B, inspection, do not mix put different batches of the product;
C, different time feed support used separately as far as possible.

6, after finished the preservation of the environment with 3 - a request, but due to the change of copper material, it is difficult to ensure that children's palace in the surgical BAR does not rust. So, in order to improve your company's product class, it is suggested that the half plating support, encapsulation of semi-finished products to do tin protection.
7, as long as it can in daily operation in the note the above operation matters, we provide products will be your best choice!