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Solar LED lighting system composition and the matters needing attention - (AddTime : 2013-01-30)

In the increasingly scarce energy today, nature can use became the focus of attention, in all kinds of natural energy, endless solar energy with its advantage of everywhere extremely popular.

In fact, all of earth energy comes from the sun. Coal and oil generation, the growth of plants, water and wind movement... However, because of the solar energy dispersion and stability, the direct use of solar energy is not easy, in recent years, with the shortage of energy and solar energy utilization technology, the improvement of the direct use of solar energy to become a reality.

The sun has more minutes using method, using the silicon photocell power generation is one of the most convenient ways of using. At present the silicon photocell generating the main application field is to solve the problem of lighting power supply difficult areas.

Summer sunny sunshine every square metre of less than 1000 tile, visible, solar though large, but very dispersion. The commercialization of silicon solar panels light/electric conversion efficiency about 14%, the price is higher, therefore, the solar energy are used for small power generation. Due to the power generation power is small, the electricity power also cannot too big, the small electric power input as far as possible under good lighting effect, lighting light source of luminous efficiency is very important. In the small power, the traditional light source efficacy is very low, are not suitable for solar lighting system application. In recent years, semiconductor light-emitting diode technology progress, has become a new type of lighting light source, low power lighting applications, high efficacy with solar panels and solar 200W led floodlighting system of storage battery obvious advantages.

Complete solar lighting system mainly has the following five parts:
1, solar panels
Solar panels is in the sunshine when used to generate electricity, power generation power according to the lighting electric power and lighting time to calculate. Such as lighting lamps and lanterns is the power of 2 tile, requires no sunlight continuous lighting time ten hours, we'll consider the transformation circuit transformation loss, solar panels of the power generation power must be 3 tile or so.

2, battery
Battery is used with the sun solar cell send electricity stored up for use without sunshine. Battery capacity according to the power of solar panels and LED lamp power and lighting time to decide. As with 2 watt led lamp, 3 watt solar panels, have no the sun for continuous lighting time ten hours, can choose the 12 v / 2.2 AH battery.

3, solar charge control circuit
This part of the circuit function is in full sun, illumination time long time control charging degree, the battery is full stop charging, don't make battery overcharge damage, to protect the battery and prolong its service life.

4, LED driver
This is the core of the system control circuit. It features three:

(1), complete light-emitting diode constant current drive control, through the luminous tube current with no battery voltage variation.
(2), has controlled function, at day automatic turn off the light, dark automatic turn on the light.
(3), low voltage protection. When the battery voltage drops to 10.8 v output when closed, in order to avoid over discharge damage battery.
5, 200W led Flood light
Light emitting diode in small power efficacy is higher, with good light emitting diode do semiconductor light, 2 tile or so have a good brightness, 2 tile semiconductor light can use two 1 watt power leds series composition, also can use and a small power luminous tube two series again after twenty series parallel composition, with small power led series/parallel do semiconductor light every string to series a 10 Ω resistance to balance between each string of current. At present in small power luminous tube do semiconductor light cost is lower. Making semiconductor light, led drive into the light body internal.

The system USES two 1 watt high-power luminous tube, can satisfy small range lighting requirements.

The system LED lamp use DP - 12 m type LED driver has package was sealed type curing module, the volume and x24x15mm, suitable for semiconductor lamps and lanterns internal installation. Module 5 root lead, red line after the battery anode, black line joint battery cathode, the yellow line joint luminous tube positive, white line joint luminous tube negative, blue line is line, then solar panels.

System used in the SUN - 300 is 300 mA solar charge controller, and encapsulation became curing module, the module has three root lead, orange line joint solar panels positive, red line joint battery anode, black line is public ground, then solar panels and battery negative. Volume and DP - 12 m drive the same.

3 watt solar panels and 12 v / 2.2 AH of lead-acid battery used for power generation and accumulation.

The sunshine, the solar panels through the SUN - 300 to battery charging, and at the same time LED drive module DP - 12 m's control function to cause the lamp to shut down. Batteries, charging control circuit to stop charging. No sunshine, in DP - 12 m under the control of the lamp to be automatic light. If continuous lighting make a battery voltage to 10.8 V, DP - 12 m internal low voltage protection function make light automatically shut off, to protect the battery will not over discharge damage. Therefore, it is a no duties to be automatic solar lighting system. If LED lamp in indoor use, will drive the blue line impending cancel controlled function, and the lamp and control switch.

Making the indoor use of small power semiconductor light, it is the small capacity battery and 200W led Flood light -emitting diode, DP - 12 m light emitting diode driver at the light body internal integration of outdoor use made of lamps and lanterns, more can be solar panels on the light body behind all of the integration of solar energy lamp structure.

High power use will be battery external, each battery can take more than one inside take controller LED semiconductor light, solar panels and charge controller will also corresponding increase power. Therefore, practical application can according to the needs of all kinds of practical form and various power application system to meet a variety of lighting needs.

Making semiconductor light must solve the problem of the light emitting diode heat. Said light emitting diode is cold light source is only refers to the light emitting diode part is not hot body, but current through the semiconductor material produce resistance heat or can make the luminous tube heating up, and with semiconductor material made of light emitting diode is not able to bear or endure high temperature, heat will make its rapid ageing, shorten service life. With small power luminous tube do semiconductor light can increase the tube pitch, increase the cooling area.

With high power luminous tube do semiconductor light to add exposure in the air cooling fin, or use of metal shell heat dissipation, anyhow, should as far as possible use of lamp body heat, reduce the temperature of the light pipe work, so that semiconductor light can really long life.